Parasite Eve Rated By ESRB

It looks like Parasite Eve will be coming to the PlayStation Network sometime soon. The PSone Classic was recently rated by the ESRB for the PS3 and PSP with SCEA acting as the publisher. The game was recently made available in Japan shortly before the launch of The 3rd Birthday. It’s possible that North America will see a similar treatment.


Originally released in 1998, Parasite Eve was quite different from the other RPGs Square developed at the time. For starters, it was actually rated for Mature audiences. The game seemed to be Squaresoft’s take on the horror genre, and was most likely influenced by the success of Resident Evil. Although mostly a turn-based RPG, players are allowed to move around the battlefield in real time to dodge attacks and get better positioning on enemies. The only real downside is that it’s a relatively short game, clocking in at about ten hours.

Like the recently announced Xenogears, Parasite Eve never received a PAL outing. As the digitizing process usually requires a physical disc from the region to be converted, it’s unlikely Parasite Eve will see a European PSN release. Of course, we live in hope.

Source: Siliconera



  1. I loved Parasite Eve, I had an Import (I think). I’d love to play it again but as you say, it seems unlikely, unless they decide the game should be introduced to the EU audience! Fingers Crossed!

  2. They could if they decided to do a imports sections…. HOPE!

    • 100% with you there, SCEE needs an import section badly, such a shame that so many regions brings so many licensing problems.

      • but it doesn’t seem like scee even try, scea publish all the psn games on the us store, scee don’t.

        they could get the rights and publish the american version on the store.
        but they wont, it must work if they’re releasing it, it should work on eu machines too, and some people with eu machines will be buying it from the us so i guess we’ll find out sooner or later if it does.

        is it any wonder titles like this got pirated on the ps1, you want to buy the game, but they never give you the opportunity.

        people are crying out for the game, but no, we wont get it.

  3. I’d love to try this out

    • I loved to death PE2! Please, please, please SCEE…. xxxxx

    • i’ve played it, it’s a bloody fantastic game.

  4. Hmm, good to see it getting turned out but on the other hand, it’s unlikely I’ll get to play it here in EU. Maybe one day.

  5. I’d like a remake rather than a port,cause I quit the first two because they were so dang sloooooooow…

  6. i’m sitting here waiting to give them money for this game, but i doubt i’ll be given the opportunity.

  7. Is it possible to buy things from the US store if you are in the EU?

    • if you set up an american account, pretty easy to do, and then buy a us psn card, maybe from ebay.

      and away you go.

  8. if there’s one game that might prompt me to get a usn psn card, it’s this one.
    and this and xenogears, a very attractive proposition.

  9. Wouldn’t call it short, I’ve seen some games of this gen clocking at about the same :p

    • Yeah, maybe I should have clarified that sentence a bit. I meant short for a Role Playing Game. :)

      • I must have completed this game over 11 times and each time there was something different, never managed to get all the cards in the game but did get the most powerful custom gun, which you’ll need to defeat a few of the hardest bosses in the game.
        A very haunting game at times and needs patience to complete.
        Come on Sony – give us a pal release, dont make me hunt through the loft to find my import Japanese PS1 to play this again

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