Patapon 3 Release Date Announced

Sony has announced the North American release date for the highly anticipated Patapon 3. The game will be released on April 12th for $19.99. The game will be available on UMD in addition to the PSN. Unfortunately, a European release date has not been announced yet.

The third installment of the Patapon series features a larger focus on multiplayer. The game can be played cooperatively with up to seven other players via ad-hoc or infrastructure and there’s also a new four-on-four competitive battle mode.


Check out the trailer below to get an idea of what the story is all about this time around.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Oh man. I love this series so much. This’ll beautiful little title will be pushing some PS3 gaming off to one side.

  2. A ha – looks beauty

  3. Loved the design and visuals of the first one, but couldn’t get into the gameplay for the life of me. Will keep an eye out for a demo when it’s due, though…

  4. This would be perfect on the ngp with touchscreen and touchpad.

  5. 8 players for Adhoc Party? how can adhoc Party cope with that! it isn’t hasn’t even been updated (T~T). Can’t see infrastructure being any good…

  6. I oh-so want this on the PS3, but it’s good to have a few things excluive to the PSP i suppose

  7. My Birthday!!

  8. I keep meaning to go back to the original, that rain dance was damn annoying to pull off lol. loved the game, just dont have the patience. May pick this and patapon 2 up if i can find them cheap enough

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