3DS Game Advertises PlayStation 3

Some rather amusing screenshots have emerged of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 on the newly launched 3DS. See if you can spot the ‘own goal’ or, to be more topical, the ‘elbow to the face’.

Source: SiliconEra



  1. Lol, who would have thought 10 years ago that video games could be this realistic!

    • If the PES developers want to have Champ League license they have to include the major sponsors ( sony included). Nintendo can’t control that and neither can Konami. Its a contractual obligation between Sony and Uefa, who sell the champ league license to konami for PES.

    • Wonder if its been er.. advertised on the Xbox….

      • I can confirm it indeed has, I was thouroughly shocked when My 360 owning friend was playing in the champo league, with the PS3 ad boards included!

  2. Haha, this is brilliantly funny

  3. Very cool to see that Nintendo aren’t being overly controlling on third party content.

  4. i knew it would be a football game, something similar happened with the xbox fifa game last year didn’t it?

    it’s because so sponsor the champions league.

    and this being a konami game and not nintendo they won’t care about the sponsor being sony, they’ll just faithfully recreate the stadiums and advertisments, sony ads and all.

    still funny to see though, what would have been funnier is if they were psp ads. ^_^

  5. GT5 prologue had sega advertising on fuji circuit as well

    • but sega don’t make a console in competition with the ps3.

      i don’t suppose sony minded as sega produce software for the playstation brand consoles.

  6. Cool….

  7. Its happened on all the pro games since they had the deal with the uefa champions league. they have to do it

  8. Good on them for not interfering with realism for something silly like that.

    It bugs me a bit that the old race cars in GT5 have the cigarette advertising removed but I suppose that’s not really down to them anyway.

  9. Kind of nice to see actually. Well done Nintendo for not being petty.

    • +1, unless they dont know about it! haha

  10. Nintendo do not have a choice in it as sony sponsors champions league, but still funny

    • Indeed it is :) Good bit of sponsoring, that.

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