Media Molecule to Develop LBP for NGP In-House?

With former LittleBigPlanet (PSP) developers, Sony Cambridge, set to be busy beavers on the upcoming NGP version of Killzone, there was some debate as to who would take up the mantle and run with the next outing of LittleBigPlanet portable for Sony’s new monstrously powerful handheld. If we can read between the lines of an ad over at Media Molecule’s jobs section, it looks like they’re planning on developing the game themselves.


Looking for a new Graphics Programmer, the job spec states:

  • Self-motivated graphics programmer who can ‘do it all’ from tools to runtime.
  • Works well with artists.
  • You’ll be the graphics lead! So experience or extreme talent is a must.
  • It’s on a portable platform…

As we’re pretty sure LittleBigPlanet isn’t getting an N-Gage port, could this be the inevitable NGP successor to the fabulous LittleBigPlanet (PSP)?

Source: Media Molecule



  1. Could be Xperia play? nah, i guess its NGP, although i would like to see something different from them.


    • There’s always one…. :-P

    • OMG! create better be stable this time!

  3. Nice one. Maybe we’ll be able to play the PS3 community levels on it.

  4. I hope Mm do make it. LittleBigPlanet 2 is a wonderful game, and I think LittleBigPlanet on the NGP could be a hit title. It’s also very user-friendly for playing on the move – you can just dip in and play a few community levels while you’re on the bus.

    What I think could make or break the title is whether or not you could play the PS3-created levels on it. With the NGP having capabilities similar to the PS3, why not? And then there are 4 million levels to play straight away. Imagine being able to queue levels on ready for you to play, whether you’re going to play on the NGP or the PS3!

  5. Didnt like the PSP LBP much, so hopefully if they make it themselves for the NGP, it would be better

  6. That’s good news – I love LBP on the PS3 but the just didn’t get on with it on the PSP at all. I don’t think I ever even got far through the story

  7. Am I the only one who watched the NGP teaser trailer or something? Lol they showed off LBP on there. Hell it looked a lot like LBP 2 to me (with the new gameplay elements and all).

    • The big news here is that it would be Media Molecule, not that it’s in development.

  8. If you meant Nokia N-Gage by “NGage”, that was completely shut down months ago.

    • I was being sarcastic.

      • It was a good platform with some very worthy games, it’s not worth that. :S

    • Didn’t say it wasn’t. But as it’s discontinued it’s obviously not getting a release, hence, the facetiousness. :)

  9. While i enjoyed LBP PSP, i feel like it was somewhat broken (loading was very glichy and created levels were near impossible to keep alive) but i liked it regardless and would love a NGP version made by MM.

    LBP2NGP will be amazing, just imagine going anywhere and being able to play or create a level.
    you will never be bored again!

    • I’m never bored now.

      How are people ever bored in the 21st century? Go learn a language or something. Takes ages!

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