‘Mega Minis’ Volumes Outed

Our ever useful friend, the Australian ratings boards, has once again revealed an interesting bit of information. It appears that we will be getting some ‘Mega Minis’ bundles from Uncle Sony. No titles have been confirmed as of yet, but there are three ‘volumes’ listed, two with a PG rating for mild violence, and one with a G (general) rating.

For those who are unaware, minis are smaller downloadable titles which can be downloaded to play on the PS3/PSP. What minis would you like to see bundled?


Source: AU Ratings board via Siliconera



  1. Not a slur on you Dan, but I couldn’t be any less interested in minis. I think the whole purpose of them was to prep the tech needed for ngp integration.

    • Personally I’d prefer to play Cubix or Monsters (probably) stole my princess than any recent iteration of COD or MOH.

    • They are great games that are best suited for the psp.

      • yeah a few of them look utter pants on the PS3 and a HD tv, but perfect for the PSP!

    • the flying hamster…

  2. it would be cool to be able to get them on disc.

    but will they be transferable to psp, that’s an important question, maybe they could give you a bluray and umd in the same package.

  3. I can’t help but think that this is slightly poor timing considering the huge minis sale they’ve just had.

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