New Rush’N Attack Ex-Patriot Screens Are In

Konami has released a handful of new screens for its upcoming 2.5D side scroller, Rush’N Attack Ex-Patriot. This Unreal powered PSN/LIVE title puts you in the boots of Sergeant Sid Morrow, call sign “Wolf Spider”, as he infiltrates enemy lines and evaluates their missile capabilities.

The game is set to feature all-new stealth combat, and a combo system all built around non-linear levels. You are given a choice of how to approach objectives; fast and loud or quiet and sneaky sneaky, stabby stabby.

Source: Press Release



  1. Looks pretty good.

  2. Looks so very cool, hope it delivers!!

  3. I liked the original on the NES – it was tough. definitely compared to Double Dragon

  4. This is interesting, but I will need a demo first, Also theres another side-scroller revealed….

    Woow.. two side-scroller annoucements although I prefer the likes of Gladius to games like Contra

  5. Wolf spider, creepiest of all the arachnids. We had one living in our sofa once. I don’t know if its still there, I plastered over the door and we don’t speak of the living room anymore.

  6. Now that is looking real sweet!

    Played Green Beret in the arcades to death in the 80’s and it’s one of my all time favs.

  7. To be honest I don’t think it looks that good. Graphics could be a lot better, looks like uopgraded PS2 graphics to me. And the characters don’t seem to fit in with the environment.

    That new Rochard game that was announced today – also in 2D (or 2.5D) looks A LOT better.

  8. Looks pretty good. I’ll keep a lookout for this one.

  9. I love the original & still grab the old arcade board out & give it a good bash today! I hope they retain the feel of the original! Will probably get this anyway & then end up back on my cab :0D

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