Pix’n Love Rush Free for NA PS+ Subscribers

Sanuk Games’ Pix’n Love Rush has been confirmed for a March 15th release on the North American PSN, priced at $2.49. If you’re a Plusite, however, you’ll be able to pick up the retro-themed platformer from today for absolutely nothing. The press release claims it’s “free during a limited time,” so do look sharpish.

No word yet if the offer will be extended to Europe.

Source: Press release



  1. god bless America
    Europe kicked in the balls again why do we have different content to our Yankee neighbours?

    • Because SCEE and SCEA are two separate entities.

      • Also we are for the most part, considerably slimmer, have better fashion sense and know the correct pronunciation of aliminium. Most of us have a vague idea of where Iraq is and understanding the concept of queing whilst inebriated disputes are settled with fisticuffs rather that popping a cap in yo ass. We would never breed anything as hideous as Miley Cyryus and we’re very good at wining Oscars, our vehicles do more than two miles per gallon and cheese comes in blocks, not in a squirty can.

        None of these are reasons why they get Rush’N Attack and we do not, but I thought they needed mentioning.

      • thanks tuffers glad you cleared that up

      • I think you can use both, although Aluminum is actually closer to the original spelling.


      • At least most of us know how to spell it though, TC ;)

      • @ TC

        Wow, that wasn’t offensive at all.

      • Alright Juelz, just in case you were really offended and not seeing that he’s trying to be funny, I’ve got your back –
        You give me Miley Cyrus, I raise you Billie Piper, the Spice Girls and every act that ever met Stock Aiken and Waterman. Oh, throw in Simon Cowell’s inglorious progeny too.
        You talk about Aluminium, I’ll give you the persisting mispronunciation of the long “a” by the southern English (on a whim!). Baaaaath, paaaaath, glaaaaas. Silly Aaaaaarses,
        We only know where Iraq is because we spent so many years trouncing around “Arabia” sticking our noses in, cheating locals and reinforcing warlords (and I’m distantly related to T.E. Lawrence!)
        You give me popping a cap, I give you a rain-soaked alleyway and a knife-fuelled mugging.
        You say we’re good at winning Oscars, I’ll point out that they are /American/ Academy Awards…
        Oh, and cheese does not come in “blocks”, you heathen, it comes in “wheels”

  2. Before you all get your knickers in a twist. Pix’n Love Rush is listed under Playstation Plus website for March for Europe (well Ireland anyway).

  3. This is good news. I have this on my iPhone and it’s great.

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