Sucker Punch to Reveal Big Secret Today

It’s the dreaded announcement of an announcement but how about we spin the following into a positive and see if anyone actually has psychic powers? Announced on their Facebook page, Sucker Punch have something they want to get off their collective chests. They said:

Today is very exciting day. We’ve been holding a big secret for the last two years and at GDC later today… We get to tell you all about it :)

What could it be? inFamous 3? Doubt it. More info about Sly Cooper 4? Perhaps. Are they, like Insomniac, going multiplatform?

[Update] Not Sly 4, apparently. I have an idea what it is but have been sworn to secrecy. If it is what I think it is, I’ll mention it in the comments below after the announcement. And if it’s something different then I’ll be honest and say so, obviously.

Source: Sucker Punch Facebook page



  1. OMG! No! They are going to tell everyone my preciuos dinner plan for tomorrow! ;D

    I’m so doomed :x

  2. A Syphon Filter game for the PS3 maybe. Please let it be true…

  3. I hate not knowing stuff.

    Dont give us an annoucement of an annoucenment, just announce it to us when you planned to! Now I shall be thinking of all sorts…

  4. Sorry to tell you guys, but the secret is…

    They are shutting down their studio and moving it to the Moon so they can learn about it & go on to develop Infamous 3 – Which will obviously be based on the Moon! Cool I know!


    • Scrap that – They are going to make Rocket: Robot on Wheels 2 exclusively for PS3 owners! Can’t wait!

  5. So come on tell us already!

  6. I just bought Move today and thought hmm, I’ll take a gander at a list of Move compatible games. Now I know it’s not the most trusty source but take a look:

    Infamous 2 is on that list. Could it be?!

    • I think wikipedia’s Infamous 2 page was updated recently and now says it “may feature support for the PlayStation Move motion controller.”
      Keep in mind that the Move was announce at E3 2009, and it’s been nearly 2 years.

  7. They’re going the way of Insomniac? ^-^

  8. “A big secret for the last two years”
    Correct me if i’m wrong but that means:
    Its a game
    Can’t be Infamous 2 related, as the first was out less than 2 years ago….?

    • Well infamous came out almost 2 years ago, and developers have been know to start work on a squeal as soon as the other goes gold, so i think it’s still possible.

      Maybe a multiplayer mode?

      And before people start with the “not every game needs multiplayer”, remember that it worked for Uncharted 2, which certainly didn’t NEED it, but benefited from it.

      I hope it’s not (just) move support. Haven’t found a game yet that has justified my purchase. Had hope for Playstation Heroes on the Move (or whatever it’s called) but after playing the demo i can confidentially say, no thank you.

  9. Something to do with Rocket: Robot on Wheels would be a turn up for the books. A great one too!

  10. If they have known about it for 2 years, can’t see them going multi-platform

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