Sucker Punch to Reveal Big Secret Today

It’s the dreaded announcement of an announcement but how about we spin the following into a positive and see if anyone actually has psychic powers? Announced on their Facebook page, Sucker Punch have something they want to get off their collective chests. They said:

Today is very exciting day. We’ve been holding a big secret for the last two years and at GDC later today… We get to tell you all about it :)

What could it be? inFamous 3? Doubt it. More info about Sly Cooper 4? Perhaps. Are they, like Insomniac, going multiplatform?

[Update] Not Sly 4, apparently. I have an idea what it is but have been sworn to secrecy. If it is what I think it is, I’ll mention it in the comments below after the announcement. And if it’s something different then I’ll be honest and say so, obviously.

Source: Sucker Punch Facebook page



  1. Still nothing! Arrrrrrrrr!

  2. Hope its multiplayer on Infamous

  3. bet its co op

    • That would be fantastic and would be better than just simply a multiplayer mode, here’s hoping its a co-op mode, would certainly be a fun feature however multiplayer is something I would pass on inFamous 2, unless it’s truly electrifying stuff

  4. Im guessing Infamous for the NGP.

    also if its the fact that there going multiplatform i think i will die.

    • If they have been holding this back for 3 years, I doubt it would be for the NGP.
      Not sure though, but for some reason the wait is killing me D=

      • **2 years
        Sorry for the double post >_<

  5. I’m betting it’s some form of online multiplayer, possibly co-op. So, who wants to play Zeke? His powers are being a questionable friend and an inch away from a heart attack. Any physical activity at all leads to a Game Over. Sounds pretty innovative to me.

  6. The announcement is going to be that Sucker Punch is going to follow in the foot steps of Naughty Dog. By that, it means they’re going to allow inFAMOUS to be recreated as a movie! Only in this inFAMOUS movie, it will be about a guy using his magnificent electrical powers to save his dog from the evil mob bosses who took him, whilst Cole’s sister and mother, which both posses fire and ice powers respectively, shall guide him! … Hey, Uncharted isn’t the only game-to-theatre release that gets a completely different not-related-to-the-game story made for disaster… ;)

  7. Little Big Infamous!!!

    I have to admit, I didn’t see it coming… wow

  8. Yeah, user generated levels! Thank god for that, so glad that it was not about multiplayer!

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