‘Super Meat Boy’ Sales Near 400K

One of the most highly decorated indie games of the past couple of years has to be Super Meat Boy, a 2D platformer with a retro theme. During the Game Developer’s Conference that’s taking place this week, Team Meat announced that Super Meat Boy is nearing 400,000 copies sold via Steam and Xbox Live. They also announced that they’re in the process of receiving Nintendo 3DS development kits but they’re not yet certain if they will work on a 3DS version of Super Meat Boy, or if they’ll start something new.

It’s great to see games such as this that have such humble beginnings do so well. Hopefully this level of prosperity will help pave the way for successful future projects not only by the same creators, but other indie developers as well.

Source: Joystiq


  1. I want a PS3 version! :(

  2. Super Meat Boy on the 3DS would be amazing.
    Great sales figures too, it would be interesting to know what bump they got from the heavy Steam discounting.

  3. This game would be amazing on a portable. Sonyeah, please let this be true xD

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