Ghost Recon 3DS Trailer Out

As far as 3DS launch titles go, we’ve not heard that much about Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars. A departure from the usual Ghost Recon games, it sees you form a team of six Ghost Operatives and tool them up with prototype weaponry. From there it’s your job to go and kick the backside of global troublemakers.

Check out the trailer below.

Source: ONM



  1. Looks like a RTS more than anything…

    It also looks vaguely like the original Rainbow Six games but with more explosions. Mmm, could be good.

  2. Really? A turn based strategy? I’m really disappointed was hoping for some 1st/3rd person action to see what the 3ds could do. Taking this off my wanted list

    • I was hoping the same. Still on the fence as to whether to get one of these or not.

  3. WHAT?! I was excited thinking it was third person. But its an RTS? I’ll pass…

  4. Looks a lot like Field Commander on the PSP clashed with End War. I was hoping for something better.

  5. No 3rd person – d’oh!

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