GT Academy 2011 Media Challenge Details

Whilst the Gran Turismo Academy 2011 officially hasn’t kicked off yet (it starts on the 4th) Sony have issued a few sites with media access to the event, which started yesterday, and we’ve had a quick look.


As you’ll see from the shots, this first round is set on a generated course in the Eifel region, so expect lots of hills and bends but not a huge amount of personality. The German backdrop is a lush, green expanse of grass and trees but it’s nothing you’ve not already seen before if you’ve tried to create your own course.

The car? A Nissan Fairlady Z, perfect for kicking that back end out around those corners. We’ve included a few shots of the map, the car set-up and the menus for those that like this sort of thing.

Bear in mind that details could change between this media version and the public version on Friday.



  1. Looks like a fun track!

    When the public one starts on Friday I look forward to getting my ass handed to me!

  2. I’ll definitely have a go at this!! :)

  3. Puntastic!

  4. ‘Your event ranking is 20’, out of how many?

  5. Is there anyway of getting a TSA ranking table for the event? That would be cool.

    • Well, with the time trial and drift seasonals you can now sort by your Friends. Maybe you will be able to do the same with this?

      I don’t think we could just have a TSA section though!

      I guess people could post their times in the forums, will be easy enough to check if the times are legit. I haven’t really done any competitive time trialling yet so would be fun.

  6. I saw that picture & thought: well, he’s not going to win in that.

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