PS3 Import Ban Is Rather Limited

LG managed to secure an import ban against Sony on Monday which would last for just ten days and now The Guardian have discovered that the import ban is effective only in the Netherlands.

At present Sony brings the majority of the consoles in to Europe via ports in Rotterdam and Amsterdam which is why LG targeted the Netherlands for the ban. There is nothing stopping Sony from importing the consoles to Europe via France, the UK or any other country.

This might cause Sony a logistical headache and LG could easily apply for more bans in other countries but for the moment this can filed under ‘minor annoyance’ rather than the ‘ OMG! European PS3 crisis’ that many have implied.

Source: The Guardian


  1. ONLY the Netherlands?
    We might live in a small country, but we need to consume ps3’s aswell, in order to survive! =P

    Right.. only the Netherlands.

    • I think the implication is it’s not a pan-European ban. The injunction is for ONE European country as an inconvenience to Sony. This is just politics. LG are making point. Sony have taken their point. And scrambled their F18s toward Seoul.

      • Japan doesn’t have a military…nor F18’s. And by F18 I mean Charlie Sheen.

      • Technically Japan doesn’t have an army, navy or air-force as they were banned after WWII and never reconstituted. However, Japan does have the JSDF (Japan Self-Defence Force), a 250,000 strong entity that is – basically – the exact same thing.

        I was there on Shimoda beach, shaking hands with the guys only a couple of years ago.

      • Don’t forget Japan have a Gundam…. (just telling the truth)

      • Not to mention the countless Metal Gears they are bound to have stashed away

      • lol I know haha

      • And Godzilla lives on a nearby island!

      • @Jay What?! i thought i had destroyed all of them! seems like i need to come out of retirement and destroy them all again.

        And Japan has Sephiroth and a lot of powerful people.:P

    • I think you’ve misread that a bit. The point is that it ONLY bans imports from the Netherlands, not from everywhere – it’s like saying my diet only bans chocolate. It’s not ‘only’ in the sense of unimportant, it’s in the sense of being just a small subset of the countries from which they CAN import. I.E Not such a big problem

      Also doesn’t mean The Netherlands can’t have PS3’s. It’s a ban on importing FROM there TO Britain.

    • I know, I know guys. =P
      Although I do think that, since we can’t import (which makes export impossible since we don’t produce them), we will eventually run out, if this ban takes hold for a couple more weeks.

      • Or.. I might have misread it this time. Nevermind me.

  2. So it isn’t the end of the world?

  3. When was the last time LG made anything good.

    • LeaderGamer have never made ANYTHING good. They only COPY good things.


    • They make great TV’s, monitors, optical drives etc

    • LG make some very TV’s and have some good phones coming out

      • I banned LG from my house after I found out what LG stands for…Life is Good. Are you kidding? I want my product name to have some oomph behind not have the philosophical ideal of a 12 year old hippy.

      • “The name “Sony” was chosen for the brand as a mix of two words. One was the Latin word “Sonus”, which is the root of sonic and sound, and the other was “Sonny”, a familiar term used in 1950s America to call a boy.”

        Sonny? WHAT?!
        *throws copious amounts of electronics out window*

      • When you really think about it, almost all large company names are pretty bullshitty really.
        I quite like LG, it’s simple and positive

      • No, LG stands for Lucky Goldstar (and the products were just branded Goldstar).
        The Life is Good thing was just a marketing campaign…

      • but lucky goldstar still sounds kind of hippy though. :)

      • While were on the subject of companies.

        i always thought microsoft was a condom company.

  4. Good thing I’m not dutch.

  5. Not exactly going to stop the juggernaughtial Sonytrain.

  6. This is the part where LG launches its own console.

  7. So this is the business equivalent of a Chinese burn then!

  8. This whole palaver could go on FailBlog

  9. Crap and I went out panic buying. Anyone want a PS3?

  10. so no chance of selling a ps3 for a fortune on ebay?
    sad face :(

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