Red Johnson Coming To PSN

Admit it, you laughed. Publishers Lexis Numerique are French and obviously unaware that a ‘red johnson’ is less than desirable but I shall be professional and will not make any cheap knob jokes. Although you must agree, it’s a bit of a cock up. 

So who – or what – is Red Johnson? Well it’s an adventure game in which you play the aforementioned Rouge Saucisson as he solves mysteries during an eight to ten inch long investigation. Sorry, I mean eight to ten hour long investigation. 


The teaser trailer shown has no game play, so sadly we have no clue as to how Johnson will be probing the suspects. However, the game has been described as ‘Professor Layton meets CSI.’ 

Other characters revealed in the trailer include the myterious ‘Saul’ and ‘Officer Robert’, a bearded, scowling policeman who looks like he might give Johnson a hard time. 

Lexis Numerique have also announced another PSN title, ‘Learning With The PooYoos’. Seriously, that’s what it’s called.

This is a hidden camera stunt isn’t it? Someone is going to pop out from behind a pot plant and shout “Fooled you!” as we will all laugh heartily. They really can’t have not checked that Poo and Johnson have slang connotations? This is a joke. It’s got to be.

I think I need a lie down. Watch the video, the game is out in May and if anyone from Lexis is reading – – you really need to start using this. Either that, or you’re actually all comic geniuses.

Source: Press Release / YouTube



  1. Please tell me I wasn’t the only one immature enough to chuckle when I saw this article title..!

    • Oops, didn’t mean to hit submit then! I know you all will, I think it’s just that my work colleagues have had their personality drained.

      • Perhaps his nickname could be Tiny.

  2. Let’s hope Officer Robert doesn’t bring out Red Johnson on the beat. The streets are messy enough as it is.

    • You could rename him “Red-Raw Johnson” after a fiasco like that.

  3. I’m buying this just for the name!

  4. Red Johnson – haha i haven’t laughed so much since epic mickey..

  5. A Red Johnson is what you get when you ignore the red flag flashing. A predict the Commies did it.

  6. “an adventure game” umm…. action or point n click?

    And PooYoos is currently a Wii title for the young’uns

  7. Red Johnson – sounds like something Keith Lemon would say – oooooSH!

  8. okay so i thought i was immature but i have never heard that before in my life.

  9. I need to experience this … Red Johnson.

    • I experienced it once & i have to say that it wasn’t very pleasant – Required a trip to the clinic & quite a lot of ointment!

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