First Resistance 3 Multiplayer Details

This has been such a fantastic week for gamers. GDC can’t exactly compete with the likes of E3 or Gamescom when it comes to overall presentation and content, but all the news and reveals that have come out this week are sure making it feel like a major event is taking place. Yesterday we got some sizable new media/info on Battlefield 3 and inFamous 2 and we’re back today with new Resistance 3 news.


Over on the PlayStation Blog, one of Insomniac Games’ Community Managers stopped by to unload the first details about Resistance 3’s online multiplayer and co-op. For starters, they’ve downgraded the total number of players from 60 to 16. While a lot of gamers that loved Resistance 2 multiplayer may find that disheartening, Insomniac swears it’s for the better good as they’re trying to create a more ‘intimate’ multiplayer environment. As far as the modes and maps go, we’re going to see teams of Humans and Chimera going toe to toe in both deathmatch and objective based games in many different maps with themes from across the world.

Resistance 3 multiplayer will also include a very deep progression/leveling system that will allow you to climb the ranks in a manner that you see fit via unlock points and custom loadouts/classes. Those loadouts and classes will also be available in co-op, where each player can have their own unique abilities and weapons to help the team succeed. Although we’re not sure how many players co-op will support this time, Insomniac promises that it will be a polished experience.

In order to make sure everything in running smoothly come launch, Insomniac also announced a multiplayer beta. Little is known about it at this time but more news should be available in the coming months. Check below for a handful of new screens and be sure to leave us your thoughts.

[UPDATE]: G4 has released a lengthy video containing the first ever multiplayer footage of Resistance 3.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Disagree. I loved the huge battle in Resistance 2’s multiplayer so I am immediately not excited about the sequel.

    • I understand your perspective but that video looks awesome.

      • my browser not supporting vid here or at source.
        coincidentally i was browsing the web earlier & page i was at said, your current browser is over 10yrs old, please upgrade lol (ps3 broweser btw)

    • after seeing the trailer here, it looked like a return to R1 which i loved, back to similar colours/texures.
      very found memories of huge battles on the cathedral map.
      the large team numbers was a major part of its appeal.(my first online exp)

      saddened by this drastic cut, it just wont be the same series without the numbers for me.
      not saying it will be a gamebreaker for all, but is for me. mp always main aspect of a game to me.

  2. after thought, ill reserve my judgement for now, i mean cod is 12 players & i love it.
    was perhaps the initial shock of seeing such a dramatic change in numbers.

  3. Looks really fun :D, Can’t wait!

  4. loved the first hated the second. so im gonna wait for this one to hit the bargain bin.

  5. Besides a few abilities this MP doesn’t look that special. So if the unlocks/loadouts transfer to the coop mode, does this mean it’s an online coop like R2 had one? I thought they were going back to local campaign coop… Shame.

  6. Watched this last night and…. thought it looked junk, terrible character design with poor animation, the backgrounds are about 3 shades of browny-grey. Has neither the modern sheen of BF3 (although that was on PC with all the settings on max) nor the 60fps framerate of CoD.

    Hopefully they’ve got time to polish it

    • Agreed. No redeeming features at all.

    • They’ve got plenty of time, plus I watched the HD version and it was comparable to Crysis 2, except better motion blur, lighting and framerate (doesn’t resistance run at an irregular 45 fps or something, not 60 but not as low as 30, not too sure though).

      Personally I noticed there was the emphasis on fun gameplay rather than realism, which looks like its competing with CoD.

  7. I’m not so sure with this, it all looks a bit naff compared to recent FPS MP. It looks too gimicky and this video personally doesn’t really grab me or want me to buy it. I thought R2 was rubbish and sold 2 days after buying.

    • i was lucky enough to get into beta, far from impressed, so held onto my money,
      R1 however will always be a big turning point in my gaming history, good times.

  8. I think it looks pretty good. Like the environment.

  9. wow, looks an improvement on the 2nd multiplayer which was a downgrade from the first in my opnion,

    for a start less bullets to kill somebody :P

  10. I thought that looked fantastic. Insomniac are right in scaling down because the hectic 60 players matches became ridiculous at times, albeit the lag was completely non-existent. This game looks like my GoTY for sure.

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