New The Last Guardian Video And Info

GDC, far from just being a conference for game developers (as you’d expect) has turned into quite the annual event.  This year has seen action from inFamous 2 and Battlefield 3, among others, and overnight new information appeared from Fumito Ueda’s The Last Guardian.

First up, this video from Gamespot which features some impressive new footage and an interview with the man himself, via, naturally, a translator.


The build shown off at GDC is ‘just’ a fifteen minute gameplay demonstration, a little like the one we saw for Journey – and it appears Japanese press might have seen the same version.  Indeed, as AndriaSang reports, the section Famitsu have seen was set up purely for demo purposes, and won’t be the same as in the final game.

“When you first start off the demo,” says the site, “Torico [the name of bird-like creature] will quickly fall asleep because of the inability to communicate with the boy main character. You can place something Torico likes in front of him, and his nose will move as he sniffs it. One example of a thing Torico like is barrels. You’ll be able to use these as a means of starting communication with the creature.”

It looks like you’ll need to make use of Torico at key points in the story, attracting his attention as you go.  Examples given including tossing jars that release smoke and climbing on his back in order to reach higher levels, which looks and feels like Shadow of the Colossus.

Although the boy in the game can’t fight, he’s agile and able to hide to avoid detection.  “You can also move to higher ground, as the guards can’t follow because their armor is too heavy,” says AndriaSang. “The boy is also faster, so he can outrun the guards [and]  you can run into them to make them lose their balance.”

The physics engine looks likely to impress: Torico’s ears move as they rub against walls, for example, and the climbing mechanic uses the Shadow collision detection system.  In addition, the boy’s hands will run along objects as he approaches them, similar to how Naughty Dog are ramping up Uncharted 3’s physical interaction.



  1. *Squeals excitedly* That is all.

    • Same here. I’m actually tingling with excitement at it all. Listening to everything he had to say demands respect. How, no matter what the media think of the game, that he’s attempted to push things to a wonderful level with animation, interaction, emotion, etc.

      Even just watching Trico’s feet press down on the ground leaves you thinking “the love this guy has for his art is sensational”.

  2. Oh, that looks stupidly good… But it’s still so far away.

  3. Still #1 on my list of Most Wanted games this year.

    • Indeed!

    • Mine too :)
      The footage in that clip looks stunning.

    • Ditto.

    • Absolutely! :D

    • Bit optimistic to think it will be this year? Maybe best for 2012? Doesn’t it have a rough ETA of the end of this year and given all the other behemoths coming out then surely it’ll be pushed back to 2012. Given Ueda seems to be taking the Valve idea of it’ll-be read-when-it’s-ready then this seems most likely. Still we’ll soon have Ico and SoTC to play multiple times in the meantime and they’re so good I’ll happily wait a bit longer for the Last Guardian.

  4. thats looking pretty stunning.

  5. Caught this on ps3youtube last night, can’t wait for it!

  6. Definitely number 1 on my list too!

  7. Its games like this that really make me feel good about owning a playstation.

  8. Stunning

  9. He’s got a girly voice…

    Seriously though – this looks amazing. Will it be out in time for Christmas…?

    • Allegedly so. He’s been honest about why he takes his time with game development so when he says Q4 2011 I feel like we can believe such a time-frame. I think the actual month is November. :-)

  10. The Last Guardian looks amazing, I’m really impressed with the art style and gameplay features, but unlike Team Icos first games I will be buying it at day one. I hope that the Sotc, Ico HD remakes are released before the summer break, I really want to play them…

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