Another World Heading To iOS

Classic 90s side scroller Another World will be making its way to iOS devices later this year. You take on the role of Lester Knight Chaykin, a physicist who has an accident with a particle accelerator and gets transported to…another world (dun dun duuuun!).


From there he is enslaved by an alien race, and needs to escape. Unfortunately the planet is as inhospitable as the aliens.

Source: Eurogamer



  1. Amazing how many Amiga games are being remade. It truly was a classic generation for games.

  2. What an excellent game that was
    I’m trying to get HD version on the PS3, you can voteon the PS Blog ideas:

  3. Did it really look that bad? Remember being blown away by the graphics on this when it was first released, but that screenshot above is plain horrible!

    • It was all about the movement of the character, not unlike the original Prince of Persia.

      • Yup, the animations were truly impressive, atleast back then!
        I remember it as a truly great game, which is why I’m skeptical about revisiting…
        Think I’ll rather keep the good memories.

    • @scavenga – while in theory I agree that sometimes it’s better to be left with the fond memories (I’ve found this to my cost with some of the iphone speccy games – but to be honest I really feel this is in part due to the control scheme of the iphone – it just doesn’t translate to some games) it’s good for others to have the chance to enjoy these games again.
      I remember having this on the ST and being blown agree by the graphics. Like someone else mentioned here though don’t think I got far with it and the lion-type ‘monster’ was really cool.

  4. i havent played this in years. so i guess flashback will be coming out later

    • Oh Flashback. I absolutely loved that game. Never played Another World but as far as I can recall Flashback was its spiritual successor.

      • Hope so, I preferred Flashback. Did anyone here play the nasty nasty 3D sequel to Flashback?

      • Fade to Black? If that’s the one you mean then I did! Not good.

      • Only played the demo of Fade to Black and didn’t even finish it. The controls wre awful for one thing.

  5. This game inspired the likes of Ico, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. Absolutely amazing game. Blew my mind when I first played it. Never finished it though, I was too young and rubbish at games.

  6. Cracking game!

  7. Flashback!! Wasted some time on that!

  8. Played it recently and it was still great fun!

    Bring. That. Shit. On!!

  9. Oh this used to do my head in, it’s sooo hard to control. Can’t imaging touch controls would make it any easier either…

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