Access To Geohot’s Visitor Details Granted

According to Wired, Sony has won the right to access the IP addresses of every visitor to Geohot’s website.  And not just recently – from as far back as January of 2009.

As part of the ongoing legal battle between the manufacturer and Mr Hotz, the decision by Magistrate Joseph Spero raises, as Wired says, a number of issues regarding web-privacy concerns.


The approved subpoena requires the hosts, Bluehost, to hand over “documents reproducing all server logs, IP address logs, account information, account access records and application or registration forms” for, the company claims, two reasons.

The first is to prove the “defendant’s distribution” of the so-called PS3 Jailbreak hack.  The other is a jurisdictional issue and involves the decision over whether Sony must sue Hotz in his home state of New Jersey rather than San Francisco.

Sony also won subpoenas for information from other sites, including Twitter, YouTube and Google.


Update: some of the data will be ‘Attorney’s Eyes Only’.  “As a result of this meet and confer, the parties narrowed the scope of several of the subpoenas and agreed to provide for protection of confidential information obtained through some of the subpoenas through an Attorneys Eyes Only designation.”

To be clear: the information gathered will be for Sony’s attorneys, and – as far as we can see – only be used to determine how many people visited the site and downloaded the hack to established whether the trial could be held in California.



  1. As long as the pirates are beating, I’ll be happy :)

  2. Isn’t it ironic how Sony are suing GeoHotz for enabling piracy of their intellectual property when Sony for years have manufactured and sold devices which enable the piracy of music.

  3. While everyone is busy villifying Sony, let’s not forget that this hacker brought this on himself. I hope he gets a life sentence with access to nothing but an Atari 2600.

    • There were some good games for the 2600… Also, like Oppenheimer found, it wasn’t so much a matter of if, but when – the PS3 was always going to be hacked (lest it be the exception to the rule that consoles have followed for the last few generations), it just happens to have been Geohot / fail0verflow that have released it.

      Sony need to man up. The PS3 had a great innings; take this and all the lessons learnt, and move forward.

  4. Woo Hoo. So Sony have my IP. And… Sony are going to waste a LOT of money on this. 1 judgement in the U.S means nothing in Sweden. Just look at Piratebay. It means nothing in the UK either. I am against piracy. The problem is Sony are using a hammer to crack a walnut.GeoHot did wrong but why don’t they go after the servers that host his material? Oh yeah too expensive.

  5. Hmmmm…interesting development. I should think that the IP addresses would be used to see who downloaded the file, rather than visiting the site itself. I doubt very many people would have downloaded it just to have a look.

  6. Aww what?!?!? I visited their site just because i was curious before. Hopefully i don’t get banned because i never jailbroke.

  7. Crush him Sony…Crush him into DUST!

  8. Wouldn’t the gaming press end up having their ips traced? I hope Sony will understand that some people only look at the site for reporting. I hope the hackers gets caught,fined,sonic boomed and hidukened.:OP

    Twitter and google is a bit of an overkill. I hope TSA does not get mistakely punished by Sony.:(

    • Why would we? Sony aren’t doing this to get the IPs of people that have downloaded the file for any other reason than to see whereabouts they are.

      If Sony want to contact every member of the press for looking at Geohot’s site for the purpose of reporting on news and fact they’ll have an interesting time.

  9. Yikes… seems rather d1ckish to me. :)

    • …or can I actually say “dickish” without the censor shutting me down?

  10. Maybe I should sulk. I posted about this earlier,on the forums, with, what I suspect are better links than wired.

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