Resistance 3 Multiplayer Footage

Five minutes of lovely HD Resistance 3 multiplayer action has been released onto the net, and the game is looking mighty fine. 

The franchise looks to have lost none of its ferocity with melee attacks, headshots, and lots of people on fire.



Source: YouTube



  1. Much better then the chaos that was R2 multiplayer. Will be looking forward to this.

    • Looks much more like unorganised chaos to me!

      • Shouldn’t that be ‘organised chaos’?

      • wouldn’t unorganized chaos just be chaos?

  2. I got really into R1 online but found 2 a little harder to really enjoy, not sure quite what it was.
    I hope this one is more appealing

  3. I liked R2 single player but never played the online, so might give this a go

  4. Really, really love R1 and R2. For all the faults I think think they are Epic and sit in my untradeable section. Properly looking forward to the story. Multiplayer is cool, but for me Campaign is where its at, I love the story of 1 and 2. Never forget going through the Chimera torn shacks and encountering a smashed up radio, crackling away with its 50’s sounds.

    Resistance is a great series :-)

  5. Looks pretty good actually. Looking forward to it’s release.

  6. That looks gorgeous, definitely can’t wait to play. I think the last trailer to make me smile that much was that Hot Pursuit trailer.

  7. Woah, the graphics are really good. I loved playing through R2, and really need to pick up R1 at some point. I’ve had it in my hands so many times with a £6 price tag, but never bought it.

  8. this looks awesome – PS3 is enjoying some awesome shooters this year, currently loving Killzone 3 and Bulletstorm, next up Crysis 2 and Homefront – then SOCOM 4 and Resistance 3… nowhere else can you play all these, the mixture of exclusives and multi console titles certainly gives the PS3 the edge for me.
    All we need now is STARHAWK at E3!!

    • Yep – couldnt have put it better myself!

      • I’ll second that, some sheer quality games both out now & on the way for our ps3’s reckon we will be very busy ;)

  9. We’ll have to get some R2 meets going again. Plenty co-op missions still to do, and I might venture into the competitive play, give that some proper play time.

    • Count me in for some Resistance 2 Co op Teflon!

    • I would, but I’ve already platinum’d so have no real desire to play it any more, not after how long I had to spend getting those 10,000 kills. It’s a good job (I found) it was a good online.

      • I got to 2,600 then cut my hands off.

    • Count me in!

  10. I am probably rong but this looks like the vid that you guys posted about a week ago?

    • I thought that

      • Sure looks like it to me too.

      • just realised I can’t spell today lol

    • Yep it’s the same, except this is youtube footage, the other day was different I think.

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