Conduit 2 Runs On The 3DS

When it comes to stand-out first person shooters on the Nintendo Wii, aside from the Metroid franchise, SEGA’s Conduit is one of the only other notable candidates. Though we have known for a long time that Conduit 2 is launching later this year, there have been several rumours darting around the dark corners of the interweb signalling the emergence of a Conduit title for the Nintendo 3DS, too.


These myths may become reality as recently, during this year’s GDC, developer High Voltage Games have been screening a tech demo, depicting a level from Conduit 2, fully playable on Nintendo’s next-gen handheld.

Borrowing assets from the Wii title, the game is said to look spectacular – the 3D effects really giving the environments a sense of depth. The demo also features a fairly conventional control scheme, making use of the thumbstick to navigate and the touchscreen to aim, though the 3DS offered the exclusive feature of instantly switching between first and third person.

Though this isn’t solid confirmation of a Conduit 3DS title, the possibilities are definitely strong.

From a personal standpoint, I would leap at the chance to have a sci-fi shooter sitting in my pocket, especially with online and 3D functionality. However, a direct port of Conduit 2 (something which I doubt HVG would pursue) could come across as being half-done and would void a brilliant opportunity to expand on the series’ fiction further.

Source: Siliconera



  1. O….k…..?

  2. Very nice. Heard lots of good things about the original so, while I don’t have a Wii (yet), news of the franchise making the jump to the small screen is pretty exciting.

  3. My understanding is that it has been confirmed (Conduit 3DS), it will be another instalment in the series, and the use of Conduit 2 was just so they had something to show, that was playable.

    Hope I’m right!

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