Deus Ex: Human Revolution Dated

It has been confirmed by GAME Digital that Square Enix’s futuristic shooter, Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been dated for an August 26th release.

The game has been impressing many over the last few months, and is looking to be one of the standouts in a year crammed full of shooters.

Source: GAME



  1. August 26th … Now where’s my deLorean when I need it?

    • Waiting to be released on the EU PSN store!

    • I took it, but gave it to you tomorrow.

  2. August!? yeah right it’ll be delayed into Winter >.<

    • I’m going to give S-E the benefit of the doubt this time round.

  3. Great – not too long – this one is a must for me. The first Deus Ex was an amazing experience that showed the depth of what a shooter can be.

  4. 0_o
    Thought it would be released on 25th March I saw it on this morning!
    Well if it’s 26th August then it’s good too many games at the moment and need to finish it up. Even started Enslaved on Sunday and what a beautiful game I’m playing, absolutely stunning.

    • Yeah so did I, I even preordred it.. >_> I knew that date wasn’t confirmed, but wasn’t expecting a 5 month delay :)

      Oh well, more time for other games.

  5. Yayaayay! Excited! And Booooooo! AUGUST! How will I cope?!

    Seriously though, brilliant news. Bring it!

  6. Aaahehehahahe *gibbers incomprehensibly with glee*

    • You’re the one behind this mastermind!

  7. Glad it’s releasing at a quieter time of the year. Also gives me a while to work out what you get extra in the Augmented Edition I keep seeing around but not any finding details on.

    • Does this help?

      • Yes it does, thank you.

        *Goes away to practice his Google-fu some more.*

  8. Day Effing One. Never played a Deus Ex but really excited about playing this game!

    Bring it on!

    • I’m the same, first Deus Ex I will have played but damn it looks good. Also I love the release date, 2 days after my birthday!

  9. My daughters birthday is the 27th…..and what an awesome birthday it will be :D

  10. I’d never heard of this until I bought a PS3 mag yesterday. Looks great. I’ll be getting this on day one.

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