ICO/Shadow Collection Delayed?

Anyone expecting the HD remakes of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus this Spring might have to wait a little while – rumours this morning suggest that the double pack has been delayed until much later in the year.

According to a KMart rep over on Cheap Ass Gamer [via GAF], the game is now scheduled for the ‘Holiday’ season, which roughly translates as Christmas over here in Europe.

Last we heard from Sony it was Spring 2011, so this comes as a little bit of a shock (and with considerable disappointment) – we’ll await official word from the publisher but until then, it’s looking like the two games will launch a lot closer to The Last Guardian than we thought.

Ico and Shadow make up our fourth most anticipated game of this year.


  1. That’s sad, I was looking forward to these! Fingers crossed they aren’t!

  2. Some rumours even suggest it coming out in 2012 not this year!

    • I can start a rumour about it being 2013 if that adds variety. ;-)

      • Thanks, appreciated!

      • Whaaaat? We have to wait two years? I’m going to complain about it all over the internets.

  3. Aww shit, that sucks… Was really looking forward to this.
    Thanks for making my already lousy day even worse… :(

  4. Gives time to play everything else that is out before hand. Glad! :)

    • I know that feeling, got like 10 games to play through :S

    • This was exactly my thought, while I haven’t played either of these and was looking forward to doing so, it’s not so bad because I have so many other games to be getting on with.

  5. I think, that’s the worst piece of news I’d imagine… I was really looking forward to April-May when the remake was supposed to come out…. what’s the point in living?? :(

  6. Nooooooooooooo :(

  7. That’s not good news at all and makes me fear that TLG may be drifting into the mists of 2012, sigh.

  8. *sad face*

  9. MystiCub predicts a UK release date of November 7th 2011. I haz the power of forsight.

    Also play.com are listing it for that date. http://bit.ly/dTAgbo

    • Not sure whether to laugh or cry about this. Probably the most retarded date they could’ve come up with, right in between Uncharted 3 and Skyrim, brilliant…

  10. Summer please, too bad if its going to force people to buy the likes of Skyrim instead of this

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