More Free PES 2011 DLC On The Way

Konami has announced yet more free DLC for its kick-ball game, Pro Evo 2011. Heading to the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 15th, this new DLC will add all movements and transfers for the 135 clubs up until January 31st. Spain’s new kit has also been added, as has Sweden’s away kit.

For those who really like authenticity, ten new boot styles from top names such as Nike will also be available.

Source: Press Release



  1. Been playing Fifa 11 for months now, and after giving PES a try, I have to say (and I was a PES fan all my life) that PES just fails miserably, such a shame that next gen version of the series has never truly taken off yet. The thing is Fifa is there for the taking in terms of the quality department and PES just cant do it. R.I.P The KING

    • Now just wait a minute I have played both this year and all that I can say is that Fifa 11 or since Fifa 7th gen began isn’t as well presented or stable as PES 11 (PS3).

      The menus are terrible, searching for transfers is worster than before and now theres a few moments where the game would skip frames.

      It’ll be R.I.P for Fifa for me if they can’t learn the art of fast menus and quick scrolling of long lists!!

      • Both brilliant points, totally agree, but when it boils down to it gameplay is key. Loved pes, now love fifa-hate the menus though

      • worster? sounds like some kind of bavarian sausage!

      • I like both, but I like PES 11 more than Fifa 11, just the minor part of circle pressure or tackling on Fifa is a bit unrealistic to me as they always seem to put a foot out and winning the ball with ease.


        Worster exists somehow but the English won’t accept its existance ;)

  2. I don’t like sport games at all.

  3. i wish they would update any carrols’ hair so i can sign him. l
    he’s had long hair for years, not shaved back & sides.

  4. “up until January 31st.” so not the latest premiership transfers:(

    i wish they would update andy carrolls’ hair so i can sign him.
    he’s had long hair for years, not shaved back & sides.

    • of course premiership transfers are incl lol
      sleep deprivation in my defence

    • Surely theres better strikers though right?

      • there is, but im newcastle utd in mlo & its a made up of its best past/present players.

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