Sony Announces Cloud Saving Service For PS Plus

Over on the EU PS Blog it has been announced that as of tomorrow PS Plus members will be getting a cloud based save service. After downloading firmware update 3.60 you will be able to have up to 1000 saves, or 150mb of data.

“To do so, simply highlight the game save you want to store in the [Saved Data Utility (PS3)], press the triangle button to bring up the options, select “copy” and then select “Online Storage” as the destination. In turn, you can access your Online Storage list via [Saved Data Utility (PS3)] when signed into PlayStation Network on a friend’s PS3 and download your stored game saves to carry on your game from where you left off.

If the developer has chosen to implement copy protection on their game saves, you can still copy those files to Online Storage but there will be a 24 hour period, after each save, before you can then download them on any PS3.

If your PlayStation Plus subscription expires then you will no longer be able to access Online Storage until you renew your subscription. However, any game saves stored will be kept for six months and you will be able to access them as before when you renew the subscription, as long as you do so within that six month period.”

Source: EU PS Blog





  1. *Rushes to get KZ2 save uploaded*

    • Lol, same here. That’ll be the very first thing I do. :D

      • Damn, I lost mine (as well as Heavy Rain, LBP1, R&C and a couple I’ve forgotten) when I put my PS3 through a complicated hard drive upgrade (I didn’t have one to backup to.) If only I had waited a few months. FML.

      • I lost mine too during a HDD upgrade, haven’t gone back to Killzone 2 since. :/

  2. w0000h00h00w000000000000!

    I’ve been that for the last few minutes! Awesome feature!

    • about time u subscribed :P

      • Huh? Subscribed to what? :)

      • it’s for PSN+ subscribers only not regular PSN…not too fussed about it to be honest.

      • Yeah I know, been Plus customer since the first day it was launched.

  3. The logical next step (which I’m slightly baffled how they skipped over) is to have the Auto-Download feature also automatically back up your save files for you, making obvious exceptions to replay files, which would remain manual.

    Still, a fantastic reason to have PS+ has just been added to the service above and beyond what you already get. Though, it does also mean more people will be asking for a “features only” package, without the games.

    • Yeah, an auto feature would’ve been good. Maybe in the future?
      Glad you can save copy protected file too, or it would have been a bit pointless.

      • I said as much on the PS blog, and the lovely chap said that he’d pass it along.

        Then again, he also said he’d pass along my request to omit the pushed demos and trials from the aDL feature, and we got nothing with that…

      • We can live in hope.

      • you still get puch demos? i havent had one of those for a long time, at least 5 months.

    • Yes, I would have expected it to be an automatic backup.

      • It would make sense for it to be automated.
        As it stands I can do this onto a usb stick already? (Barring the copy protected ones)

        The main reason I don’t back up to usb very often is I simply forget to do so. I would be in the same boat with this, so an automated version would be very helpful (for me at least :P)

    • With you on this one, tef. I expected it to be automatic but even a manual service is causing me to twitch with the Add to Cart button. Great, great news.

    • Given they have imposed limits on the numbers (although 1000 seems like plenty), the difficulty of any automated system is how to identify ones you don’t want uploading, or if it is entirely automated, how to manage things when you hit the size/quantity limit.
      Potentially, they could improve the XMB-style ‘create new save’ screen to add a checkbox to ask whether you want to backup to the cloud, but then Sony would probably be slated for rubbing it in the faces of non-Plus subscribers.
      Whilst an automatic version would be nice, I think the logistics of it could quite quickly make it a cumbersome thing to manage.
      Personally, I have a flash drive attached to my PS3 at all times, and every week or so, I backup all saves that are newer than the most recent one on the stick. Only takes a couple of minutes, so I’ll just adopt the same technique for the Cloud saves from now one.

      Still, a multi-select option would be nice ;)

  4. haha just posted this in the forum, your quick ;~).
    Really tempted to get Plus now, those copy right saves can be backed up now which is very handy!

    • I think this feature may be the one thing that will get me to buy plus. I would’ve got 2 extra platinums if this was available from the start – KZ2 and MW2 – got ylod when 1 trophy away from each and couldn’t be arsed to do it all over again.

  5. Could have used this last week…perfect timing eh? Still, awesome feature! Hope they keep ’em coming!

  6. Not quite perfect (would be cool if it was just a storage option when you save), but pretty awesome. I think that’s the first time the PSN has got to a killer feature before XBL? Unless you count free to play, although I wouldn’t call that a feature.

    • I’d call having free online features a selling point

    • It’s nice and all but the copying of each indiviual file of PS3 saves has always been a chore. Clicking each individual file and pressing Triangle, then copy just to back it up was tiresome. I imagine this would be the same for copying it to the cloud service.

      (ignore this if I’m completely mistaken and the copying has been revamped with, say, a checkbox system. It’s been a while since I’ve backed anything up).

  7. Balls.
    I’ll have to get plus now lol!

  8. Pointless, i would have expected this for all users, and a cloud backup utility for plus subs

    • How is cloud backup any different to this? The only other thing to backup would be DLC I suppose, but can’t you re-download that anyway in case of a machine failure?

      • i don’t see that cloud storage of downloaded data would be worth it, anything you’ve downloaded before would be on your download list so you could redownload it anyway.

        maybe the cloud storage would be easier to navigate than the download list but other than that unless it downloaded faster than the store there would be no real benefit.

      • Exactly. Don’t see there’s anything else that needs backing up?

      • Point well made @halbpro but im really refering to the 70+ gig that the backup uses on my ext hdd, could be put to better uses, if my backup was in a cloud.

        although wont the moisture damage the servers in the cloud?

      • the servers will be protected against moisture i reckon, it’s the thunderclouds they have to watch out for.

      • @hazelam In case you didn’t know, you can now download pre-downloaded content from the items page, so you can just search for something, say PixelJunk Shooter, and easily download it, rather than laboriously looking through the download list.

    • I was waiting for the “this should be for everyone” argument. I’m actually surprised it took this long.

      The deal was: everything you get on PSN you still get. If you want extra services that go above and beyond the perfectly adequate service, you pay.

      This is pretty much basic economics. See: free lunch.

      • lol well i kinda agree with him backing up save game data fine PS+ only but backing up copy protected save files should be for everyone

      • I think the solution here is that no save file should be copy-protected.

      • I think everyone would agree with u kovacs on that one but it is developer optional if devs follow in the footsteps of Criterion and lock save files to 1 PS3 only we all have a problem and would make this service completely pointless

      • It should be available for everyone, even if only as a separate subscription service.

        I’m not interested in any of the other Plus stuff, and so wouldn’t pay £11.99 every 3 months or £40 a year just for this.

        But I would pay, say, £10 a year purely for the cloud backup service.

  9. great news, that’s one rumour that turned out to be true in the end.

    i have a second ps3 in my bedroom, bought it cheap off a relative who hardly ever played it, and it’ll be handy for playing on one ps3 then transferring saves to the other one to continue playing.

    • I’ve got that problem. Actually tempted by psn+ if I can carry on playing my saved games in the bedroom as well as the living room. GF is going to be well impressed :D

  10. Great work Sony. I can’t wait to get this going.

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