NGP Hitting Europe This Year?

When SCEA boss, Jack Tretton, mentioned earlier this year that the goal was to get the NGP out in at least one territory by the end of 2011, we naturally assumed it would be Japan.

Sources speaking to MCV think otherwise, with third party licensees insisting that the handheld will be out in Europe by Christmas. It seems that development deadlines for Western releases have been set for the end of summer so that they are ready in time for an end of year release.


If this were to happen it would be an absolutely huge surprise, and would delight Sony fans in the EU. We await an official announcement, hopefully around E3.

Source: MCV



  1. OMG! Day 1 purchace!

  2. Please let this be true.

    • Too good to be ture but if is I will be there on day 1

  3. Sony putting Europe first? It’d make a nice change from the norm

    • Thats what I thought :), would make a good xmas present!

  4. Most of the article was display on the front page. I doubt it would be this year as it end up being delayed.

    • Hope it won’t get delayed. Fingers crossed for this year.

    • Hope it won’t get delayed. Fingers crossed for this year.

      • Sorry for the double post, not sure what happened.

    • Oh no not the word delay….

  5. Wow, cracking news :-)

    Seems like Sony have pretty much got my wallet held to ransom this year!

    Sony FTW!

  6. Gonna save a lil bit of Loan for this lil beauty!

    • Please don’t price this out of my hands.

  7. Great, best start saving for the probably steep price tag.

  8. I’m not going fall into the same trap as I did with the PSP. Bought an import on release day under the illusion that Gran Turismo would be out for it soon. It will be the same with NGP for Killzone or Uncharted.

    • C’mon, give Guerilla and ND some credit, I’ve no doubt they’ll deliver the goods. With GT you’ve got Polyphony, who are well renowned for their slightly delayed titles…

  9. Wait,What? Sony? Prioritising Europe?… No, that’s surely a typo.

  10. i’ll believe it when i see it.

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