Sony Win Their PS3s Back, Seizure Over

Further to the  story this morning, we’re now hearing that Sony has won the battle with technology giant LG over the recent PS3 seizures.

The translation seems sound enough, but we’re going off a Dutch news report (translated by GAF) so perhaps it’s worth awaiting full confirmation.

According to the reports, all 300,000 PS3s will be returned back to Sony, and the consoles can now be cleared for Europe.  LG are having to pay 130,000 Euro for the hearing costs.

Ths is only in relation to the current seizure, remember, the battle over the alleged patent infringement continues.

We’ll let you know if we get an official update.


Update 1: are now reporting the same thing.

Update 2: Our Dutch friend, Steve, has read the original article and has let us know that LG also must contact the tax office tomorrow informing them that the seizure has ended or face a €200,000 penalty for each day they fail to do so. We reckon that’s one post-it that won’t get lost at the back of the PC. “Do not forget!!! Ring tax office!!!” Finally, the next time (!) LG try to enforce a seizure, they have to talk to Sony first. Pretty sure LG have Sony’s number. If not, call me, LG, I have it.


  1. *plays the victory song from FF7*yes,LG has lost this battle but the war for middl..i mean those rights is only just starting.We need to give KB time to destroy the one phone. :P

  2. Hahahha :D Super good for Sony! LG can go to hell, or atleast to bed x)

  3. I’m glad about this, LG are getting right on my wick at the moment and hopefully this needless charge for legal fees will stop them from any future idiocy!

  4. That final point seemed a bit weird, i would have thought Sony and LG would have exchanged some communication on the matter before any legal action was sought.
    Still, unlike George Hotz, Sony get to keep all their computers until the case is proven against them.

  5. Yeah!!! GO SONY GO SONY!!!!

  6. Hopefully LG don’t win the blu ray patent thing but why did it take them 4 years to notice!!

    • That’s what I’ve been wondering about. I also wonder why they’d risk having the entire PS3 community turn their backs on them, now that they finally get atleast a bit of acclaim for some of their products.

  7. Does LG have a stake in the Xbox or Wii?

  8. “The battle may be over, but the war has just begun” I fear :(

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