Dragon Age II Takes UK Charts Top Spot

This week’s UK top ten game sales chart has appeared, and it’s BioWare’s Dragon Age II that’s taken the top slot – a game we scored 9/10 late last week.  The rather more action-oriented RPG jumps ahead of Nintendo’s Pokemon duo, with White two slots above the Black iteration.

EA’s Fight Night Champion, which we’ll be reviewing very soon, punches its way into third place.

1. Dragon Age II (BioWare, EA)
2. Pokemon White (Nintendo, Nintendo)
3. Fight Night Champion (EA Sports, EA)
4. Pokemon Black (Nintendo, Nintendo)
5. Just Dance 2 (Ubisoft, Ubisoft)
6. Bulletstorm (People Can Fly/Epic Games, EA)
7. Killzone 3 (Guerrilla Games, Sony Computer Entertainment)
8. FIFA 11 (EA Sports, EA)
9. Call of Duty: Black Ops (Treyarch, Activision)
10. uDraw (THQ, THQ)

BulletStorm and Killzone 3 continue to hold off Black Ops, with the omnipresent Just Dance 2 still boogying along half way up the chart.


  1. Who the hell are still buying just dance 2?

    • CC star did say he really liked the game :P

    • People love to dance, I guess.

      Was expecting Pokemon to top the charts for the week myself.

  2. …and so it should! Excellent game! I thought the first one was brilliant but the sequel is so much better.

    • agreed, in a market saturated with £39.99 FPS titles its always nice to see good games that are priced at £20 – £25 mark get the accolades they deserve

    • Its good, but please. Origins was way better.

      • “but please”? You going all Ricky Lake on us?

      • I’m preferring the second one. It feel much larger in scale that the first, and I always prefer a speaking protagonist. People made such a fuss over the changes but it’s not really that different.

      • Origins combat was kinda boring and it didn’t feel smooth at all, however DA2 combat is more fun… i prefer DA2 over Origins anytime.

  3. Dear me, I still need to play the first Dragon Age. So many games, so little time :(
    I was also expecting Pokemon to top the chart. Another game I want *sigh*

    • if you don’t have time origins is not the game for you

  4. I was expecting Pokemon to remain top so well done DA2. I’ve still yet to buy it but given I really liked the first one and thought the recent demo wasn’t bad, I will add to their sales figures soon.


    I’ve got crystal on my blackberry and its amazing.

  6. Glad to see it sold well :)

  7. hope black ops drops out the top ten next week its about time it buggered off.

  8. I’d kinda like to see a playstation exclusive get up there. its been a while

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