‘Mashed’ Sequel Announced

Some of you may remember a game called ‘Mashed: Drive to Survive’, which was released several years ago on the PS2 and Xbox. It was a vehicular combat game with the focus on multiplayer antics, and although it never set the sales world alight it did gain a bit of a following.

Well now a sequel has been announced, titled ‘Wrecked: Revenge Revisited’. As you can guess it follows in the same footsteps as Mashed, and will feature car customization, a Championship Mode with 24 single player challenges, and four-player multiplayer online and off. Expect to see it on the PSN and LIVE sometime this year.

Source: Destructoid


  1. Wow…I honestly thought is never see the day. Mashed is one of the main reasons I still keep my ps2 plugged in.

  2. Mashed was brilliant fun. Properly filled the Micro Machines void for local multiplayer and was one of those games where newcomers could get into it quickly, ideal for when you have mates over who haven’t really played it.
    It really needs to have four way local multiplayer like Mashed but if it’s designed as a sequel it surely will.

    That said, TNT Racers is not a million miles away from what Mashed was so there is a bit of competition.

  3. What we need is a new Circuit Breakers, so if they make the new Mashed with elements of CB and TNT Racers we could have a winner!

  4. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time. This game was one of the best for local multiplayer, just because it was manic fun. All I need now is for Timesplitters 4 and I will have transported myself back in time with an updated twist

  5. Got it somewhere – box has writing going up on a slanted angle. Very good game, very good news :-)

  6. great news,although i would rather see Flat-Out on ps3,still looking forward to it

  7. O_O



    Looking forward to it :)

  8. Just a holding page for now but 505 Games can be followed on Twitter and a new website is coming soon. Sounds good!


  9. Forget E3 this just made my damn year, my friends and i must have poured well over 100 hours into the original :D

  10. Great news, this has made me so pleased

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