L.A. Noire Length Revealed

Several members of the press were lucky enough to get a behind closed doors look at L.A. Noire during PAX East and were told by Rockstar that it will take 25-30 hours to complete the 23 main missions. That’s not including the content found in the preorder DLC bonuses, or the extra cases that can be undertaken if the player chooses to do so. That’s pretty lengthy when compared to most single-player campaigns these days but not all that dissimilar from Rockstar’s other open-world games.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle



  1. Cool – that’ll take me a month or so :-)

  2. No long enough needs to be 300 hours :)

  3. I’ve just finished Red Dead and I played that for 40hrs, similar amount of missions, seems about right, Cant wait to get stuck into this!

    • yea, altho i found RDR dragged a little bit, so 25/30 hours might be a little better for me. I dont have time to game much now days, so a few hours each weekend will make this game last a few months.lol

      • I know what you mean. I started playing the game when it came out, eventually got to mexico that I got fed up of all the travelling. left it alone and it had been laughing at me ever since. Finally decided to finish it when I found out that you can use the campsite for fast travel. DOH!!

      • lol i found out the camp travel by mistake, glad i did as trotting on my pony for hours on end isnt the best!

    • i found the main story its self on RDR about 15 hours and alot of side missions about 20-25 hours.
      but LA noire looks quite special to me cannot wait :)

  4. Dang, that’s lenghty! Nice.

  5. Wow. Not what I was expecting though it’s very welcome news.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Had visions of this being single figures but what a meaty sized game length. Top news.

  6. Nice. Will have to find cash for this game.

  7. Yes! This is going to be my perfect game!

  8. Wow, that’s a schlong time?

  9. I hated GTA but I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption and I think it’s excellent. I cannot wait for this game…

  10. I hated GTA but I’m currently playing Red Dead Redemption and I think it’s excellent. I cannot wait for LA Noire…

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