First Shots From Red Johnson Chronicles

Lexis Numerique has today released several screenshots from its upcoming PSN title, Red Johnson. Though the debut trailer looked spiffing, bringing back memories of Pandemic’s 2009 Parisian sandbox shootout, The Saboteur, there was a noticeable lack of gameplay.

It appears, like most detective games, that Red Johnson will be a point-and-click adventure, though taking place in the gritty underbelly of a fictitious city. Using an on-screen cursor we assume that players will have to scour the individual scenes and locations for clues which can then be compiled in order to produce rock-solid evidence.


It’s a little more Blue Toad than L.A. Noire, but if it turns out to be anything like Ace Attorney or Broken Sword, Tuffcub will surely need another lay down.



  1. Nice shots. I’ll be very very happy if this is even remotely as good as Broken Sword.

  2. *Must not snigger like a child at the Name*

  3. That actually looks like it could be quite good! Consider me interested.

  4. looks fantastic, I love point and clicker games. Hope this one is good

    • Me too, I hope this is just the first of loads of similar titles. Gotta buy this just to show some love for the genre!

  5. I got a red Johnson once, I made a promise never to see her again after that!

    • Classy as ever mate, classy as ever.

  6. Come on PS+ pull this one out the goodies bag in the future! :)

    • pull Red Johnson from the goody bag? :P

  7. Assuming it will have Move support?
    Might be worth a look :)

  8. the only problem with these detective games is, virtually no replayability.

  9. Screens look fab. I’m interested, very interested.

  10. Id get it just for the graphics.

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