iOS Games Now On Metacritic

Whether you like it or not, Apple’s iOS devices are home to some fantastic games. Unfortunately a lot of these get lost amongst the estimated 300 zillion* other apps that are released every week – if only there was some sort of website that sifted through game reviews and gave them an average score…

That’s right, iOS games have finally got their own section on Metacritic, meaning it’s now easier than ever to see what to spend your hard earned money on. Currently topping the iOS list is World of Goo, with Real Racing 2, N.O.V.A 2, StarFront: Collision, Dead Space, and Tiny Wings not that far behind.


Oddly enough Angry Birds, the game that everyone raves about, features way down the list.

*Most probably an exaggeration

Source: Metacritic



  1. Yes it is about time. Often get lost in the oodles of apps on offer.

  2. The more reviews there are, the more diluted the score becomes. See IMDB for reference. It always seems to create an “everything’s pretty good” band where 95% of all films fit into.

  3. This is great news.

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