Sony Wins Subpoena For Geohot’s PayPal Records

It has been reported that Sony has been given permission to subpoena the PayPal records of GeoHot in the ongoing PS3 jailbreak court case. Geohot’s argument is that as he is a resident of New Jersey, the federal court in Northern California does not have the authority to try him.

Sony say otherwise, and this subpoena covers “documents sufficient to identify the source of funds in California that went into any PayPal account associated with [email protected] for the period of January 1, 2009 to February 1, 2011.” Any relevant information can then be used to prove GeoHot does indeed have ties to Northern California.

Source: The Register



  1. I will take your comments into consideration.
    I will be back but not at the moment on another day. Most likely on the forums.

  2. Sony really do want him to pay. I hope Sony can win the case(which there is a very strong chance of) and will hopefully serve as a deterrent.

  3. I read recently how he had appealed for donations for his legal battles and received $10 grand from somewhere fairly swiftly. If his funding benefactor turns out to be Californian and that’s used in evidence against him… oh the irony.

  4. does mr Hotz not find it ironic, that he is a “personification” of “freedom for all” yet he is gonna be the personification of the jail geek who get gang ra….errrr loved by men in prison.

    in all seriousness, he begged for sony to take him down, he begged in his rap, he thought he was above the law, and he isnt, and look at the help he gets… even his lawyers aint personifications of freedom for law, they have a job, and they get paid if they win or loose, so of course they will try to defend this case, its a big big big big money case. to which if he wins, and the ps3 is fair game to be hack to peices, thats such a shame.

    but you know why it wont win, because it will open up a can of worms in copyright law that no one wants to get into.

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