Console Footage Of Crysis 2 Appears

Amidst all the fanboy battles over which version is better, along pops some gameplay footage apparently from the Xbox 360 version, and it’s single player footage to boot.

Uploaded today, it’s looking fantastic despite concerns over the multiplayer portion, and features – among other tweaks – motion blur.


Here’s the footage – obvious spoiler warning, mind…

Now, let’s see that PS3 version.

Source: NeoGAF.



  1. That looks SO much better than the single player demo I played a while back. They have been busy indeed.

  2. Still looking forward to it. I freely admit, however, that it’s mostly because I’m so gay for Richard Morgan that it’s not even funny.

  3. Now thats the Ticket, Multiplayer what .

  4. My PS3 version sits at the post office, to bad I wasn’t home to receive it :| Picking it up tomorrow.

    • It has arrived!

      Time to play! :)

      • I watched your unboxing earlier.
        Very good as far as unboxings go. :)
        I’ll be interested to see peoples opinions of this game after release as I haven’t been drawn in by it but a general consensus either way should help me decide if it’s worth a go or not.

      • Thanks, has added some singleplayer video:

        So far, it’s been a fun game. I’m not blown away by it though, I’m not sure I prefer the city surroundings over eg. the jungle from the first game.

        But a pretty game without doubt and some solid gameplay.

  5. It’s on my list of games for the year but there’s also 3 or 4 others I’m after that get released next week (It’d be worse if I wanted a 3DS).

    This may have to wait for a dry spell at some point this year.

  6. Still not as good a Killzone 3 though.

    • Sounds like you don’t want it to be as good as KZ3! Graphically that looks mightily impressive. It’s also only a short clip, so I’m not sure how you can judge it against KZ3.

      • I think Kz3 is better too, but DAMMMMNNNNN this looks good :-)

      • I’ve barely played KZ3 since I bought it. Probably spent only about 15 mins online due to having so much fun with Bulletstorm! Now that I have Crysis 2 turning up next week it leaves me with a bit of a dilemma! What to play? I still also have AC Brotherhood to get stuck into, and NFS:HP & PoP trilogy still sealed!

  7. Im pretty sure that footage is from the pc being played using a 360 controller, i only say that because the hub and radar look different on the 360(pc and ps3 hub is the same) and it doesnt bob with the player.

    I could be wrong(i have been before lol) but with all the comparision footage iv seen recently i know thats not the hub present in the 360 demo anyway

  8. Looks good but not picking this up.

  9. looks good on xbox, after hearing alot about the ps3 version, I wont be touching this anymore. Homefront it is.

    • If I were you I’d wait until the final version is released. You can’t judge by the demo. The Xbox multiplayer demo didn’t look anything like this single player footage, so I’d expect the PS3 single player to look awful perty too!

    • i understand you overlooking C2, but look at Metacritic… Homefront isn’t really the way to go.

  10. This looks amazing. Guess I do have to pick it up someday.

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