Outland Hits PSN This Spring, Features Co-op

Over on the US PS Blog they have been going into a bit more detail about the fantastic looking downloadable title, Outland. Developed by Housemarque, Outland is  “a side-scrolling action game that casts you as an urban sophisticate-turned-spiritual warrior”. It has been likened to Castlevania: SotN, and you will start off the game with a limited skill set but gradually gain access to more powerful weapons and abilities.

The hook is the gameplay mechanic, “a quick tap of the L2 trigger shifts you between blue and red (light and dark) energy alignments. If you shift to the blue form, you’ll harmlessly absorb blue projectiles but remain vulnerable to red projectiles, and vice-versa.” So a platform version of the immensely awesome Ikaruga?


Throw in some amazing visuals, plus online Story Co-op and Co-op Challenge rooms and it’s easy to see why we’re excited about the April/May release.

Source: US PS Blog



  1. Looks good to me. Me thinks I’ll be getting this.

  2. Could be good, looking forward to some gameplay footage or a demo!

  3. I like it.

  4. Thought I hadn’t heard news of this for a while. Looking forward to it.

  5. Liking the sound of this, hoping it’s got a decent price though.

  6. I’d like a demo but it looks and sounds great.

  7. Relevant:
    Best played with a friend.

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