Remix Killzone 3 Music For Prizes

Sony and Acid Planet have announced a competition in which you can remix the ‘Stahl Battle To Arms’ track from Killzone 3. Prizes include a Limited Edition Killzone 3 that cannot be bought in stores, a Helghast helmet and lots of loops and software.

A sample pack is provided and you can remix the tune in any style you choose. The composer of the Killzone 3 soundtrack has given a few tips so take it away.. er.. oh dear, Joris De Man.

This piece is divided into sections of around 10 bars each, and separated by 2 bars of reverb tail-offs and silence.

In the game, the 2 bars ‘silence’ of one section are mixed in with the first 2 bars of the following section to allow smoother transitions between sections.

There are 3 intensities for this piece, and 3 different parts for each intensity, going from High, Medium to Low, and then followed by an Outro and an Intro Section.

Stems were created for each instrument group, with several synth sections and a percussion group.

Please keep in mind that rhythmically this piece is 6/4 for the most part.

Source: AcidPlanet


  1. I have a feeling that Tuffers will win this as he loves remixing songs. Okay, how many of you are going to do a Sparta remix of this. I wish i was very creative.:( as i would enter but i lack the software and the patitence.I hope a regular wins this and not a random person who never contributes and then disappears from TSA. Good luck to those entering. Also has TSA become obessessed with Comps as there a few are going at the same time or it’s just a conidence, not that i’m complaing. Even though TSA buy bourbons and doesn’t tell anyone about it.:P

    • This isn’t a TSA competition I’m afraid…Rather a “Sony and Acid Planet” competition as the article specifies.. :P

      • Clearly he didn’t read the Article.

      • and would Tuffcub write a article about and enter his won competition. Young Un’s today just no attention span.

      • I did read the article and what is to stop Tuffers from entering as it is a comp by another comp that has been given the spotlight on here? Ok i misread the comp and thought it was a TSA one. Everyone makes mistakes, Please don’t send me into the monster infested glitched Dungeon.

    • If you head over to the link on bottom you can download ACID Xpress. A free version but enough to be useful. Though you need to register to download the Killzone samples that are needed.

  2. When I saw this on a few days ago, I got the impression it was SCEA only. I may have misunderstood, but can someone confirm if this is open to all?

    • ” open only to those of the legal age of majority for entering into contracts in the country and state in which they reside (“Legal Age”). If you are younger than the applicable Legal Age, but are at least 17 years of age, you may enter into the Contest on the condition that your parent or legal guardian approves such participation and follows the instructions found on the Website for sending their approval to Sponsors.”

      Says noting about being US only, only you have to be above 18

  3. awesome stuff i’ll be sure to tell my flat mate about this. he’s a great dj. just remixed a song i wrote for piano and cello into a strange lounge/relaxing afair. great idea sony!

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