Resident Evil: Director’s Cut Coming To EU PSN

Capcom has announced that Resident Evil: Director’s Cut is finally going to be released in Europe. The game will be available on March 23rd for €9.99/£7.99. It was released in North America in 2009 for $9.99.


Resident Evil: Director’s Cut is an updated re-release with new features not included in the original game. Most notably, there’s auto-aim, alternate costumes, new camera angles, and a mode that arranges the placement of key items.

Thankfully, the Dual Shock version of Director’s Cut never made it Europe. That game is known for its hilariously atrocious soundtrack. Consider yourself lucky.

Source: Capcom Europe



  1. Oh god my ears!!! Why!?!?

    • Can’t wait for this one that was my first game on the ps one

  2. Awesome! Resident Evil was one of the highlights of my PSone years!

  3. good god, that is just awful, is that what passed for game music back then?

    anyway, i wouldn’t mind the game, but i’d rather wait for a sale before buying.

    • i don’t think that even qualifies as music.

      that’s just sounds, in no particular order.

      • Kind of like R. Kelly

      • Whenever I’m bored I read the comments on the soundtrack for the lols. Too funny. I honestly don’t know how that new music ever got approved lol

      • Hey, I Believe I Can Fly was a good song.

      • Nope.

  4. I’m so excited about this, definitely going to buy this ASAP. Roll on March 23rd.

  5. How old is the Littlebigplanet 2 music sequencer?

  6. I can still hear the munchy noises of the first zombie, don’t touch the front door either.

  7. That music was the worst vg music ever. I mean it sounded like it was done in 2 minutes and no effort was involed. I may consider getting this. Don’t open that……loading……error has occured with the Wesker OS RE1 Edition please contact the system admin and wait a few years for the remake.:P Seriously i have heard that the voice acting in this is crap.

  8. Price suck….

  9. I’m looking forward to having a lovely ‘Jill Sandwich’.

  10. Christ, that music is hilariously awful. It sounds like it was done by a clown with a stylophone.

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