Deus Ex: Human Revolution Side-Quests Discussed

ShackNews have conducted an interview with Mary DeMarle, Lead Writer on upcoming bio-mod bonanza, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Touching upon topics such as how the game’s commerce system works, DeMarle also reveals some interesting insights into how the title’s side-quest element will function. She states:


When you get to some of the city-hub areas, then you’ll encounter characters who will [provide side-quest options]. The way we wanted to design them, we didn’t want to have sidequests that are like “Save the cat from the tree.” We figured, you’re playing a character that’s on a very important mission. What’s going to convince him to step off that path to help somebody?

By doing the sidequests, you can find out more about Adam. You can find out more information about other characters in the game. You can find out more about the “augmentation issue.” So [sidequests] all kind of expand the universe, while still keeping you focused on it.

DeMarle, who has scribed games in the past including entries in the Myst series, also talks about fan-service and whether or not the series’ well-documented aficionados will pick up on anything in Human Revolution that relates to the other entries in the franchise. As the game is a prequel set a quarter of a century before the events of the first game, however, there is a challenge to introduce relevant references that actually make sense. She explains:

There are tie-ins to the original game. [Fans] will recognize the references, and will potentially recognize some of the characters. You might see a little bit about their origins, or stuff like that. When you really think about it, it’s hard to do too much, because this is twenty-five years before [the original game]. I mean, what were you doing twenty-five years ago?

Twenty-five years ago? Easy. I was playing 1942 in a pub on Dublin’s northside.

The interview comes highly recommended. Go check it out.

Source: ShackNews



  1. What was I doing 25 years ago?
    *checks the original game to find out*

  2. I wasn’t even around 19 years ago, let alone 25.

  3. I was pre-life 25 years ago.

    Because I’m young. Take that, old people.

  4. Ah, never-played the original, this is interesting me greatly though! Also, sorry for this, but there’s a minor where you’ve said “Twenty-fire years ago?” Pedantic, I know.

    • Yeah, where the word ‘typo’ went when I was typing that baffles me.

  5. 25 years ago, thats an easy one, I was playing Dizzy on the Spectrum

  6. 25 years ago eh?

    This as suddenly become common to me? what the hell! was it you Yakuza 4 and your revealing of dark history 25 years ago?

  7. I was skiving off school to play Gauntlet down at the local ice rink. Elf needed food badly in those days..

    • I was playing it in my local newsagent, strangely they had a gauntlet arcade machine in there. awesome!

  8. 25 years ago I was being conceived. *shudder*

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