Kinect Hacked To Run On A PS3

We’re all familiar with the PS3 “it only does everything” mantra, but it seems that the phrase is true and even extends to running peripherals from rival companies! That’s right, some brave soul has risked the wrath of many and got Kinect working on the PS3…sort of.


Source: YouTube



  1. Theres probably someone behind him with a controller…

  2. Wow impressive,
    It also shows why kinect can’t be used for a fps

    • It’s not real. It’s the camera man with a controller. The only reason why the tracking hardly works is just the guy with the controller trying to make it look convincing. If it worked in game flawlessly people wouldn’t believe it.

      • Someone should get PS move working on a 360 so the Kinect fanboys can play Halo properly ;)

  3. Clearly playing with a controller behind his back.
    There’s definite room for improvement, but this has potential.

    • only thing is you see his hands behind his back later in the video and he clearly doesn’t have a controller in his hands so if there is a controller it’s in the hands of somebody off screen

  4. wat a load of betty swollocks.why would u even bother

  5. Cool as a proof of concept but i think he should have gone with something other than a FPS.
    Does this mean he’s using a hacked ps3?

    • Sorry, I’m not having it. Just doesn’t look real. Somebody is definitely using a ds3 off screen.

      • Somebody is blatently using a controller behind him

  6. Killzone Tai Chi anyone?

  7. This would be more credible if the camera wasn´t being held Resident Evil Style and you could actually see his left hand which, due to the fact that it is so carefully consealed tells me he must be holding a DS3, Or a move!

    • edit, ok you do see the left hand but only when nothing is happening, loading screens etc.

  8. If this even is real (yeah right) All it shows really is how crap kinect is and how it can barely handle simple commands.

  9. This could be done, if you know how button presses translate over bluetooth from a DS3 to the PS3, you could program software to translate the Kinetic outputs through the laptop and out through bluetooth to the PS3, so the PS3 thinks the laptop’s the controller.

    • Or you could ask someone to stand off-screen and use a DS3 :)

      • Bazinga!

      • Yeah that’s probably what happened, but I was just saying it can be done.

    • Yep. Actually there have already been “pretend to be a ds3” software for some smartphones (can’t remember which or if it was usable) so using kinect hooked up to a PC and then sending instructions to a ps3 should be possible.

      While this is probably fake it would be cool if it gave someone the idea to make it real.

      • @Bladesteel, reading the story elsewhere this is exactly how it was done. The program libraries he used (on the PC) and how to do it are all listed on the site. Basically he is using /diyps3controller and sending data to the PS3 over Bluetooth.

  10. Look i can get GT5 to work on my Xbox, p.s quite don’t tell them that out of shot there is a ps3 doing the job. Really do real people waste there time doing this.

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