New Quantic Dream Game Clues

We’re trying to patch this up from various pieces of info uncovered on superannuation’s Twitter feed. It seems like pretty compelling evidence, although as usual, we advise that you take all that you read below with a liberal serving of sodium chloride.

Quantic Dream has registered a couple of domain names with EU extensions. One of them is playseries(, .de and .fr) which is a little too ambiguous for us to postulate over too much. The other, though, is (and other EU extensions), which, as the domain sleuth points out, would make sense as Quantic Dream’s next game would be their fifth.


Further clues are presented via this LinkedIn job description which lists “Five” alongside Infraworld, which was the working title of Quantic’s first (and thought to be abandoned) game for the current generation of consoles.

As this GAF post points out, it was very soon after Heavy Rain’s release that David Cage claimed their next project was already mostly written and was very different to Heavy Rain. Could this be the resurrection of Infraworld, a game which was canned in 2006? Again, via GAF, Cage has announced that he’s working on two very different projects – Infraworld and fiv5? Possibly.

It’s also just come to light via that very handy GAF post, that SCE seem to have the fiv5 name trademarked which would imply exclusive status. So something is afoot here, exactly how much is yet to be determined but thanks to a couple of incredibly attentive observers, we seem to have some solid clues about Quantic Dream’s future projects.



  1. Five main playable characters maybe? Heavy Rain had four and farenheight had three I think.

    • Supererogatory suggests it might be a serial killer thing too, citing similarities with Se7en.

    • Nice spot! Sounds like a very “thriller movie” style of title.

  2. I hope their next game is sci-fi. I remember reading that they hinted it might be…definately maybe

    • Don’t fancy sci-fi myself, bit too much of that about at the moment. I like the modern day setting as long as there are no zombies either.

    • dude, they said that that whole story was made up to stop anything being leaked by actors.

    • As do I, it was the lack of supernatural/sci-fi that deterred me from purchasing HR.

  3. Why have 5 instead of an “e”? I’m only going to refer to this game as “fiv-five” from now on.

    • I’m only going to refer to you as “j-zero-nny_b-zero-lt-zero-n” from now on.

      Well, not really.

      • Yeah, probably best not to, as it would be a little weird considering he has used lower case ‘o’s rather than ‘0’s!
        The only thing that you could actually use is the fact that there is an underscore in the middle! Which wouldn’t actually sound all that weird these days.

    • Is that because they are in fact letters and also because you’d get bored halfway through saying it?

    • I’m not playing it until I’ve experience fiv1, fiv2, fiv3 and fiv4. You probably need to know the backstory, right?

  4. I still haven’t bought Heavy Rain…..

    • Are you crazy? Crazy man.

    • It’s brilliant, you can pick it up on the cheap now too. Make sure you do go out and buy it, totally worth a play.

    • You surely should, it is quite the experience. Cheap now too. I’m trying to platinum mine at the moment.

      • Great game to platinum, it was my first from LoveFilm :)

  5. Exciting stuff, anything that comes even close to Heavy Rain will have me excited. This team blatantly have talent, hopefully they’ll use that to their full advantage, making another great title. Perhaps exclusive to PlayStation 3 again (it definitely will be).

  6. Its Horizon – The bluff was a bluff to cover the bluff, which essentially was a bluff!

    Horizon it is then.

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