Podcast: Episode 10

In all honesty, I can’t remember much of what happened in this podcast. I’ve been taking a weird cocktail of painkilling medicine to try to stave off a week-long migraine and it’s made me a little bit spaced. I’m sure nothing went wrong.

This week, we had the return of a special guest, Blair joined us again. From listening to the edit this morning, I can inform you that we’re quite hard on Pokemon (well, Lewis and I are, Kris and Blair love it). There was some discussion about Let Me In, Superhero movies and Kris spoke about Spider-man losing his tingly spider sense.

This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Great success! I’m downloading it now….i wonder if the 3D will be nice :D

    • Of course it is nice! It always is.

  2. love the anti-pokemon sentiment, it doesnt matter that its the second best game of all time, so funny :D

  3. You insulted Pokemon? Maaaaan. :D

    • Is now a bad time to mention that, like Lewis, I’ve never played Zelda, and also thought that the green-costumed blondie was called Zelda.

      • Same :p

      • SEREIOUSLY?!

        i’ve never played zelda either, i still know that the main character is called link though.

        i think by gamer law you have to hang up your joy pads, or serve 100 hours community shovel-ware time or something.

      • System of a down released a crackin zelda tune a while back check it out

      • Inception is very average, Pokemon is for kids, Half Life and Portal are dull. IDevice games are good for 5 minutes on the bus and nothing more, grown men shouldn’t read comics, Rose tinted spectacles are overated as is Inception, which needs mentioning twice just because it’s SO overated. This is why I will never get invited on :)

        Also, the definitive Deadpool is the one in the Wolverine movie. He rocks.

  4. Listening to it as I type…. Interested to hear Lewis’ views on Let Me In as I absolutely loved Let the Right One In.

    • You /might/ be interrupted there ;)

  5. I only went and won the competition!
    Although I kind of wish I hadn’t…..

    Cheers guys. :)

  6. What is this shit about Oskar Schindler, he SAVED about 1200 Jews from going to death camps while spending all of his massive fortune (about 4 million marks) on bribes and black-market food to keep them alive.

    He is considered a HERO by all of ‘his’ Jews and was laid to rest in Jerusalem. (A good reference: http://www.oskarschindler.com/)

    This made me quite angry, his memory does not deserve this ignorance.

    • Yes, that’s true. It’s a well known fact that Schindler saved the lives of around 1200 Jews, commonly called “Schindler’s Jews”. But it’s also a well known fact that he was a member of the Nazi party that promoted Hitler’s rise to power and that he started the war profiteering from the forced labour of Jewish people and manufacturing goods for the Nazi war effort.

      My briefly-made point on the podcast (and I knew it would potentially be a controversial one) was that it might not be entirely black and white, the perception of a hero and a villain might be based on where in the line you stand. For example, do you think he was a hero to the Poles in 1939 after his staunch support of their invasion by the Nazis and subsequent institutional theft of one of their factories? Was he a hero to the Jews he watched being murdered in Krakow in 1943? What of the Jews around 1944 Krakow that weren’t “his”?

      Ultimately, history now views him as a hero but there were many villainous acts along the way too. It’s possible that he reformed and redeemed himself but there were still victims of his earlier wrongdoings. Does the good discount the bad? I honestly don’t know if it does, in general terms, but I’m sure that there are many people in the world who thought of him as nothing but a villain. Should we ignore their plight because of the good he did for others? Again, I’m not sure but it’s certainly an interesting topic to discuss.

      • Good response, I’m glad I raised the point. My opinion of him has been heavily shaded from a recent re-reading of Schindler’s Ark, an excellent book that perhaps paints him in an overly positive light, due to much of the testimony for his character/actions based off letters and interviews from people who were on his list.

        Personally I staunchly reside in the ‘hero’ camp but I agree that your viewpoint is based off valid opinions, it was just the off-hand comment on the podcast didn’t convey that.

        Also, thank you for the response and good job on the site – this is easily the best gaming site I’ve come across, and the staff are no small part of that.

      • I’m glad you raised the point too. The problem (if it is a problem) with the podcast is that we try to cover so much that we race through subjects and often the points we make aren’t picked up by other guests so we miss the opportunity to flesh them out and demonstrate what we really mean by them. You raising the point gave me the opportunity to address what I meant by that comment.
        Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for the intelligent discussion, it’s an easy subject to lose calm over.

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