Explosive Crysis 2 Launch Trailer

Crysis 2 launches this week, and in celebration EA has released a brand new trailer showing off some explosive set pieces. The review embargo isn’t up until this afternoon, but some early reviews have been spotted and seem to be positive indeed.

Check out the trailer below.


Source: YouTube.



  1. Despite the multiplayer being somewhat a disappointment in my eyes I will still be getting this for what is sure to be the immense single player.

  2. Advert looks pretty freaking awesome. I do have to say though that adverts of late have been making pretty poor music choices… I’m not making a comment on any genres or whether I like the music, I’ve just felt that with a lot of trailers recently, the music doesn’t really fit with the images on the screen (I get that this trailer has deliberately gone for a song with new york and crisis in the lyrics, but musically it just doesn’t feel right to me).

    • I hear you. Especially the pop chorus in this trailer really takes away from what is meant to be an edgy game…

    • The use of “Invaders Must Die” for the multiplayer trailer was superb. That said, even though this song doesn’t fit into the trailer I quite liked it.

    • Think the song was made specifically for the trailer…

      • I think it was too. And the music is meant to contrast the imagery to make it more interesting, but in this trailer it does feel somewhat weird.

    • I don’t understand why did they have to go with a rap type song Killzone 3 launch trailer had a better song it was something that fits the game these slow paced rap songs don’t work with games like these

      • Also i dont agree with tinie tempah’s pass out being used to advertise AC:B, just didnt fit.

  3. When its £20.00 ill get this lol

  4. Pre-ordered instore, picking it up friday :)
    Not that fussed about the negative MP internet buzz, more interested in the SP anyways!

    • You’re gonna love it! Sound track is awesome too!

  5. Personally I can’t wait to get this, I think it looks awesome! Really glad the early reviews have been positive as well. It means the MP can’t be that bad either hopefully!

  6. This game looks good,
    this game looks great,
    even if for the demo we had to wait!

    currently playing homefront, it will have to do,
    while I eagerly await my crysis two ;)

    • Very poetic :D

      • What can I say, decent looking games put me in a good mood, lol.

      • Btw, reviews are starting to emerge now. Scores seem to be ranging between 8.5 and 9 at the moment. Confirms to me the game is a buy. Glad I held out and didn’t buy Homefront :)

      • Yeah I checked meta just now, my mate is gutted that he bough HF, but GAME are doing Crysis 2 for £4.99 if you trade it in :)

      • Thats a great deal! Good spot.

  7. Good trailer. Saw the lens of truth article earlier, the PS3 version looks better than xbox. Will be playing on PC myself

  8. I like the advert, probably wont get the game though. If anyone was wondering what this song is it’s B.O.B – New York, New York

  9. Could of done without the shitty rap music. But apart from that, pretty decent trailer.

  10. The video won’t play on my idevice.

    Maybe they pulled it because it looks better on other platforms ;)

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