Register Your EU 3DS, Get A Reward From Nintendo

Those of you in the EU planning to pick up a 3DS on Friday may be interested to hear that if you’re one of the first 3000 to register the device with Club Nintendo, you’ll get a cool gift.

“The first 3,000 people to register their new Nintendo 3DS hardware with Club Nintendo will receive – on top of the 750 Stars that every registrant of the Nintendo 3DS system gets – an individually numbered collector’s item T-shirt – with a design that might surprise you in more ways than one!”

From looking at the T-shirt we are guessing it is something to do with the Augmented Reality games, as it has an AR card pattern on the front.


Source: Club Nintendo



  1. Correction. Club Nintendo is not for all of EU. Eg. here in Scandinavia we don’t have Club Nintendo, because our local Nintendo distributor (Bergsala) sucks donkey… something something.

  2. I’m going to the official launch party for the 3ds in London on Thursday night! Plan b, Hadouken, DJ Yoda and Russell Kane performing… I do have a spare ticket too so if anyone wants to come with me, you’d be welcome! Looking forward to seeing the 3ds up close and personal….

    • I’m going too, already got a ticket though.

      Saw it in action on Saturday in a game branh in Kent and immediately pre-ordered.

      • Nice one, we’ll have to shout out where we are in the building and I’ll say hi if I see you! I heard theres only 500 people so shouldn’t be too hard to spot someone!

  3. Cool, must remember this!

  4. Meh. Still don’t want a 3DS. Well I do want but not need.

  5. Awesome. Doubt I’ll get there in time though, can’t pick mine up till 4pm.

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