Rumour: Uncharted 3 Has Split-Screen Multiplayer

Not the first time the words “Uncharted 3” and “co-op” have appeared in the same sentence, eagle-eyed treasure hunters have spotted what looks like split-screen footage in Naughty Dog’s very own behind-the-scenes video. The snippet is below.

What are you looking for? The last of the five seconds when an AK-47 icon can be seen at the bottom of the player’s screen. Which, obviously, would be the top of your ally’s screen.

Adding fuel to the rumour fire, Gamestop have also listed support “for up to two players” in Uncharted 3.




  1. Now that really would be a surprise.

  2. Would be great :D

  3. Certainly looks like it, and it makes very much sense as splitscreen has been one of the most requested new features from fans.

    I personally hope they choose to split the co-op from the single-player, as incorporating the two could potentially reduce the quality of the singleplayer-campaign. A smaller co-op campaign unrelated to the main story would be sweet, ofcourse in addition to Survival and the likes of it, hopefully with support for more than 3 players online this time.

    • Why would it reduce the quality of the SP campaign? It seems like you have your pal running around with you throughout the whole game. Why not have a real person play with you instead of a simple NPC?
      Make it drop in / drop out coop and you can play however you want to play it. simple as that.

      • Though you have a companion by your side in large portions of both previous games, there’s also those lone moments with Drake that simply wouldn’t be as compelling if you were playing alongside someone. The fortress in UC1, the bunker in UC1 and ofcourse the train wreck scene in UC2, they all add variety to the games I feel, in their own way.

        If they’re designing the SP to work also for co-op play, surely they’ll have to make some compromises in order for it to work properly, so I’d rather see they optimize the SP for solo play, and the co-op for cooperative play.

        With that said, I’m far from confident ND actually agrees with me here. They have stated numerous times in interviews that Sully will be alongside Drake pretty much all the time, which may indicate they’re aiming at a singleplayer-campaign also playable for two. I hope not.

    • With you on this one, Aqua. Separate the co-op away from the main campaign and keep it for multiplayer (as is hinted above). However, a little bonus DLC or something after you finish the full campaign where you have split-screen co-op bonus chapters. That would be superb!

  4. I really should play the first two games again. They are true gaming masterpieces!

  5. Nice :) I much prefer split screen to online with games like uncharted

  6. Love split-screen, hopefully the two players can then go online as well :-)

  7. No surprise there, but online coop campaign would be the icing on the cake.

  8. So two game series known for having the best console graphics, Killzone and Uncharted, are going splitscreen. Next time a developer bitches about splitscreen being too much strain on the PS3, they won’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Well, it was an issue with Red Faction Guerilla but there is significantly more going on in the screen when you blow up a whole building while under the effect of complex destruction physics but if it’s possible to play it with one PS3 then it should be possible to play it in coop with two PS3s splitting the calculation up.

  9. This is cool, but it looks like “CoD splitscreen”, where the players have each their corner of the screen instead of a horizontal or vertical split, which is sad.

    • Yeah that’s really annoying. I hope there will be horizontal split screen.

  10. Hopefully it will be good split screen and not resi 5 / CoD based. Would deffo play with my friend

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