SSHD Getting Impact Mode

Sony have announced on the PlayStation Blog that 2007’s PSN exclusive Super Stardust HD is to get a new piece of downloadable content in the form of an “Impact Mode”, to be available later this spring.

“The Impact mode plays on and twists the game rules – in place of the weapon system your ship is now fitted with an experimental new matter-to-energy boost engine technology, which means once you activate the boost, you can stay in boost as long as you can hit meteors and enemies with it!” says SCEA producer Daimion Pinnock. “This mode also features much higher score multipliers – as long as you boost the multiplier keeps growing and growing! This is the most fast-paced and adrenaline inducing add-on to the game yet.”

There’s no word yet whether the new mode is in development at Sony itself or original SSHD developers Housemarque (who have since released Dead Nation and are now working on Outland). It will be released on the PlayStation Store on March 30th for €1.99/£1.59.

Source: EU PlayStation Blog


  1. So you boost to hit stuff & keep boosting to score high? Sounds good! Might even be tempted…

  2. Wow that was a shot out of the blue! This game has been so well supported since release. First to have trophies wasnt it? ( or one of )

    • Indeed it was, and one of the first to be in 3D.

    • Sure was (the first) and was one of the first to recive a 3D patch.

    • Yup, first to get trophies, one of the first to get rumble, 3D patch, and now another DLC pack!

      Got to love Housemarque!

  3. I never got past the 1st level I don’t think, may give it a blast again if I’m being a simpleton

    • That’s the best advice I’ve heard for playing this game. It’s just like that.

    • I shall try again with that approach .

  4. This game is bloody amazing in 3D, Even split-screen (2D only) in 3D mode looks brilliant.

  5. 1.59!

    Defo worth that for another blast on this game haven’t played it in years.

  6. Nice to see this game still being supported.

  7. I’m pretty sure this mode already exists on the PSP version :\

    • Unfortunately I don’t have my PSP and copy of Portable to check any more, but I am informed by the internet that you are quite right, thank you!

  8. Best PSN game, just got better! I’m all over this, I absolutely adore this game, and it’s the only game I keep coming back to time and time again.

  9. Downloading Stardust NOW!

    *waits impatiently for Impact mode

  10. I haven’t played this game for ages, so the new DLC will definitely give me the incentive to start playing it again. :)

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