Resident Evil 4 Getting HD Remake

From news coming out of Famitsu magazine this week it looks like Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil: Code Veronica are getting HD remakes as part of a ‘Resident Evil: Revival Selection’ compilation, at least in Japan.

Details are currently sketchy, but it looks like both games will be ‘remastered’ in HD for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


The version of Code Veronica is the bolstered ‘x’ edition (with additional cutscenes) and Resident Evil 4 will include Aya’s ‘Separate Ways’ side missions from the complete PlayStation 2 version of the game.

More news as we get it.



  1. Brilliant news. Everyone loves Resi 4, right?

    • not everyone but resi 4 is one of the besy games i have played =) hope it will have troophy support…

  2. That would be cool to see, never got a chance to play RE4, though I always heard good things. I wonder whether they would include move support for it on the PS3?

  3. PLEASE tell me Resi 4 will have move support!

    • This was my first thought!

      • Same here. I’ve got the PS2 version but I liked the game so much that when the Wii one came out I bought it so I could play it again with a different control method.

        I really enjoyed Code Veronica too but I don’t know if I can afford to keep spending money on HD remakes.

      • I got the GC, PS2 and Wii version. And if this comes out with move support I know I’d buy it again!

    • Resident Evil 4 looked superb on the PS2 and it would have been one of my last choices for a HD remake but now that I read this I think “bring that shit on!”. It was a truly wonderful experience and a lovely, length campaign from start to finish. Move support would be the icing on the cake as Move has very little disc-based titles to show it off and it’s been 6+ months since launch. Sony should be embarrassed.

  4. Never bothered to finish it, so this could be good.
    And +1 for move support, time to track me down a Sharpshooter attachment… :)

  5. I played RE4 on the Wii years ago, was quite good back then so lets see how a HD remake goes

  6. ooo never played 4, liked 5, so hopefully will get a chance to try it out :)

    • For is basically just 5 only longer and les story orientated, it´s great.

      • Grr Spellcheck *Four (although I don`t know why I didn’t just use the number!)

    • Wow, you should love this. I didn’t even manage to finish 5 because (in my opinion) is it so far inferior to the masterpiece that is no. 4.

  7. Although 4 was great, would much prefer hd remakes of 1 and 2. Even better if they could give them a complete overhaul so we had the locations of 1 and 2 but with the game mechanics of 4 and 5.

    • a resi 2 HD remake would be awesome!

  8. OMFG!!!!!! i love resi 4!!!! haven’t tried code veronica… hope it will get an EU release…=)

    • Code Veronica is rubbish trust me.

      Like I said before I still got Resident Evil 1, 2, 3 Nemesis, Code Veronica, 4, Survivor and 5 all on disk =D
      (Resident Evil are my favourite)

  9. I practically finished Code Veronica and bought the limited edition of RE 4 and go the chainsaw PS2 controller but I would love both HD remakes.. roll on the trophies

    • The chainsaw controller looked like a pain in the ass, i used to work in a shop and saw them come in n was like omg looks good but i bet it is terrible to use :S

  10. Wasn’t such a big fan of Code Veronica, but it would be sweet to see Resi 4 release overseas with Move support.

    • Never played code veronica, only played 1 2 and 5 :S

      but now looks like i have a chance to :)

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