Dungeon Fighter Online Coming To XBL

Not part of the PC-gaming crowd? Then it’s unlikely that you have heard of Nexon’s multiplayer brawler Dungeon Fighter Online. The popular multiplayer side-scroller originally became available in Korea as of August 2005, steadily trickling into other regions of Asia before finally heading west.


Sporting a number of playable classes, with a focus on tactical real-time action, like the PC version, the game will be completely free (see update below) when in launches later this year. However, unlocking some of the better items and equipment will require small payments, a similar micro-transaction method which was supposed to be used in last year’s JoyRide, though Microsoft decided on making the latter into a fully-fledged Kinect launch title.

Though a release date hasn’t been nailed down, Dungeon Fighter Online will be exclusive to the Xbox 360, launching worldwide with Microsoft heading a number of European localisations.

Update: Microsoft have just been in touch to let us know that, contrary to the Siliconera post we sourced, Dungeon Fighter will indeed be coming to Xbox Live but it will be a paid-for “title with online multiplayer features”. Apologies for any confusion.

Source: Siliconera



  1. reserved for gold users i assume.
    i’d be interested in the game, but i don’t pay for gold.

    • still, there’s free realms to try next week.

  2. Good point. Free realms should be interesting

  3. I played Free Realms for a couple of days. It’s pretty damn fun, though admittedly childish; will be interesting to see how many people download it.

  4. Thats great but I would rather prefer to use in-game money for better equipment

  5. Still not tempted to get a 360 again.

  6. THis actually looks pretty interesting. Wouldn’t mind having it on PSN.

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