New TOS Transfers SCEA’s Online Services

Holders of American PSN accounts got an email overnight prompting them that, after April 1st, they’d need to agree to new terms of service.

“On April 1, 2011, Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (“SCEA”) will transfer its online services operations, including your wallet and the funds in it, to Sony Network Entertainment America Inc. (“SNEA”).” said the rather frank email.


“The first time you sign in to your Sony Online Services account on or after April 1, you will be asked to enter into a new Terms of Service and User Agreement with SNEA. If you do not wish to enter into a contract with SNEA, you may decline the terms of service and we will close your account(s) and return your funds.”

Doesn’t look like anything too exciting, but if you’re desperate to read lots of legal text, there’s more here.



  1. I got that from my US account,read it then deleted it.

    • Sometimes I read and delete e-mails too!

  2. So we go from SCEA to SNEA, matched their stock name(?) SNE

  3. I’ll read the T’s & C’s carefully, somebody’s got to.

  4. No real choice if you want to go online you have to agree

  5. I saw various posts online about this yesterday and the overwhelming opinion was that this was a name change for PSN, so they can start a charging model without renaging on their “you will never have to pay to access PSN” promise.. Because it won’t be called PSN anymore, see.
    Dunno if that’s the case, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened..

    • I HIGHLY doubt it. Besides, they have a charging model, its called Plus.

      • yeah and the risk of alienating a large portion of their user base (who would probably just switch to Xbox) would be too great to justify a charging-only model. its probably just a re-organisation of SCE to build efficiency

      • But they’re changing SCEA, not PSN.

  6. Here’s hoping that some part of the legal stuff turns out to be an april fool’s joke

  7. Sony Network Entertainment ?.. ah i see so as to diffrentiate it from Sony Online Entertainment.. o.O

  8. They’re doing this so they can try almost everyone in a California court of their choosing. Seriously, if you read the new ToS, SNEA will group regions under US law. And I love the part where they say they can monitor everything on your PS3, including what Blu-rays you watch or what internet sites you visit, monitor any other machine that you use to access the PSN and then give that information to whomever they want. Well it took and extra 27 years but 1984 is here. This is just too much control for a video game manufacturer, I mean a person shouldn’t need a legal degree just to play CoD or watch a movie.

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