Namco Bandai Tradmark New Katamari Title

Namco Bandai have filed two trademarks for what appears to be a new Katamari title. The trademarks are for Europe and refer to ‘Katamari Amore’ and the rather more intriguing ‘Katamari Amore Rolling Whopper’.

I assume the ‘Rolling Whopper’ refers to the Katamari ball rather than Burger King tie in, although the Katamari King does look similar to the (Burger) King.


To further complicate the title ‘Amore’ means ‘Love’ in Italian. Katamari loves rolling burgers? Katamari loves getting twatted? It’s a Katamari game so it could involve absolutely anything; let’s just guess the game (if indeed it is a game) features space-cheese and a trio of dancing mice all called Bernard.

The most recent console release in the series was 2009 PS3-exclusive Katamari Forever but creator Keita Takahashi has had no involvement in the series since the first game.

Source: SiliconEra



  1. Pl

    • Sorry about that. Wouldn’t let me submit! (No innuendo intended) was gonna say that i can’t wait for this already! They’re always great games. Also, i’m lvl4 now :D

  2. Katamari Forever was/is an awesome game … even if it was mostly recycled content.
    Hopefully we’ll get more of the same, but with all new stages.

  3. “….but creator Keita Takahashi has had no involvement in the series since the first game.”

    Incorrect. He was fully involved with the follow up, We Love Katamari.

    Can’t wait to hear more about Katamari Amore.

  4. £10 says atleast one of those are a PSP2 title

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