Geohot Contests PSN Account, Denies Knowledge Of SCEA

As the case of SCEA against George Hotz continues, the latest claims from Sony that Mr Hotz owned a PSN account, and knew that SCEA was based in California, have been contested.

Last week Sony claimed that a PSN account under the name of ‘blickmanic’ was tied to a PlayStation 3 console owned by Mr Hotz, and used at an IP address near where Mr Hotz lived.  Naturally, if this is true, it means Geohot agreed to SCEA’s terms of service at the point of registering a PSN account, and thus might give SCEA considerable more weight to get Mr Hotz tried in a Californian court.

However, Mr Hotz’ legal team contests these allegations.  They say the serial number Sony say is associated doesn’t match that of a new PS3 that Mr Hotz purchased.  He also purchased three used PS3 systems, but those serial numbers haven’t been disclosed.

[advert]Indeed, a comment apparently from Geohot’s blog sugggests that even the IP match doesn’t necessarily mean anything:

“See, I live next door to George Hotz and we’ve always been good friends,” the comment reads. “At the time I bought the console, I was waiting to be connected to the internet by my ISP so I asked Hotz if I could use his for a while. Good neighbors, that’s all.”

Finally, the legal documents show that Mr Hotz denies any knowledge of the existance of SCEA, and believes the PS3 to be a product of Sony Japan (which he claims the boxes signify).  He didn’t even open the sealed manuals which were bundled with the new PS3, which would have stated SCEA branding.

In another document, Hotz testifies that he was not aware of the existence of SCEA, and that he believed the PS3 to be a product of Sony Japan, as indicated on the box and firmware installation. Hotz’ representation even provides photographic evidence that Hotz did not open the sealed manuals that came with the new PS3, which would have identified SCEA’s involvement with the system.

Via Gamasutra.


  1. Nice try… but surely they cant believe someone is seriously that dumb, Everythig sony or NIntendo is part of japan… what a crock lol

    hope they take his sorry ass down

    • In court you can’t just assume someone has knowledge of something. That’s not how it works. It all comes down to the evidence presented for the case.

      • Yes and no. American is hopefully similar to how it’s played over here. Ignorance is legally not a defensible option in many cases. I’d like to think this might be one of them.

      • The problem is, there really are some people who are that stupid. Then what? :D

    • Saying he’s not aware of scea isn’t about ignorance of the law. SCEA is claiming jurisdiction, and that’s why they want the trail in California. But Geohot is claiming SOJ makes the PS3 and they’re the only ones that can sue him for hacking a ps3 since the PS3 is a product of SOJ and not SCEA. Think of it as someone smashes your car but instead of you suing that individual, you have you brother do it instead because they live in a jurisdiction that’s more likely to rule in your favor. SCEA is only in charge of distribution. If geohot never accessed the PSN network SCEA doesnt legally have a case and SOJ will have to file suit instead. If SOJ sues geohot the case will be heard in New Jersey since thats his residential state and the actual site of the hacking.

    • Ignorance maybe not be a sound defence at a trial, however we’re talking about the same court system where a man decided to take the makers of a motorhome to court because he thought that engaging the cruise control system would indeed drive the motorhome for the journey ahead(around corners), while he could go and rest up in the back. Nuff sed!

  2. Where’d he get the money to buy one new and three used PS3s? I’m not being funny but if you have that many PS3’s, your gonna have a PSN account.

    • Not so, look at this way. Just ask US Air Force, they have 1760 PS3’s and non of them have PSN account. Geohot only has 3/4 PS3’s.

      • Please don’t compare the US Air Force to the GeoHot. Ever. Thank you.

  3. I need to make a video with a picture of Hotz, and voice over of Vicky Pollard going…

    Yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah but no but !shutup! because wot appened was this whole thing appened that I don even know nuffin about because some bloke right, called sony or summin, or nuffin, ‘as been going aroun sayin I done this thing but I ain’t not done it or summin so !shutup!

  4. The serial number issue seams to be mistake on Sonys side. The part the is different is the model number and Sony wrote down a model number that doesn’t exist. CECH-4489 v CECH-2001A.

  5. i didnt know about SCEA! what a crock, telling me this guy never had a psx, or ps2, or never looked at the back of a game box. he knew fine well that SCEA existed. and how did he install this firmware? if it was via a download from the website which it more than likley was because hotz would want the firmware file itself, then he would have been aware of SCEA via the site.

    telling me the worlds most famous hacker dosnt appreciate or know the scale of the company’s he is trying to fraud…. WHAT A CROCK! hotz itll never stand your going down.

    • Not necessarily. It’s entirely easy to download the update PUP from a link without knowing it’s via SCEA. In fact, you could download the Japanese firmware and run it fine.

      • It may be easy to, but it’s highly unlikely Hotz (proclaimed as “known for being a prodigy in the computer programming field” by his own legal team) would have been that naive.

        The things is, we all KNOW he’s telling fibs here, it’s just a matter of whether they can be proven to be fibs by Sony.

      • but then still, denying the existance of SCEA would say he never had a psx, with the initial screen that told you which territory the game was from.

        jesse is right, its proving it in court, hotz is doing the whole i didnt know line, and we all know he did know…. his rap proved that.

    • It doesn’t matter whether it sounds ridiculous. Innocent until proven guilty, he has made his claims, if they can’t be disproved then they will stand.


    It might be worth linking to Groklaw in the footer of future posts on this.

    • Why? So we can here a definitely anti-Sony spin dressed up as objective reporting?

      Groklaw go to a LOT more effort than most sites, but they are still pro linux and therefore pro Hotz. A few weeks ago there were significantly less emotionally connected to this case than they seem to be today.

      • *hear

      • In communist internet, information escapes you.
        Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Why would it matter on which side of the argument someone is? Most people here in the comments are very pro Sony, which is fine but should we keep a lid on everything that is pro Hotz? I don’t think so.

      • @KeRaSh

        I have Grolaw as a daily bookmark, I’m not against information – in fact I love it… but I was objecting to the suggestion that it should be linked in all Sony vs Hotz articles as some kind of definitive news source. It’s just a blog, nothing more.

      • Yeah, that would be silly but the general tone in your post just felt a little like “if it’s anti Sony, don’t talk about it at all”.

      • The very same came be said about “” and anti-Geohot spin dressed up as objective reporting?

        I have no real problem with this. In fact understand it takes place just read The Sun or The Mirror about govement of the day decisions and writing about something but from a totally different view point.

        The nocking of anyone pro-Geohot is childish, if you have a valid point thats alright and fine but if not that wrong.

      • @amiga_dude


        After all, Groklaw is sympathetic to all things linux, and TSA is sympathetic to all things gaming. In this case, the two aren’t compatible… if Hotz wins, gaming loses, if Sony wins, Linux loses (kinda but not really).

        My point is that we are commenting on TSA, not Groklaw, and I don’t think Groklaw should be viewed as some kind of reliable source when it’s far from objective on this issue.

        Incidentally, I don’t knock pro-geohotz people as a matter of course, but for the most part I simply can’t abide by their inconsistent, unsubstantiated, selfish, self-entitled, ignorant attitudes. Kinda like Hotz himself.

      • “if Hotz wins, gaming loses”

        I disagree. If Hotz wins, Sony loses. Simple as that. There won’t be a magical rise of the hackers and pirated games if Hotz doesn’t have to spend time in jail. Sony may be able to shut down one notorious US hacker but this will not stop the hacking community.
        I don’t understand why Sony is so keen on getting Hotz for what he did when they obviously didn’t care as much about the PSP being hacked every time a new FW comes out.

      • @KeRaSh

        Oh, we’re way through the looking glass now.

        I respect your point of view, but how can you say gaming doesn’t lose and yet “Sony loses. Simple as that.”

        Sony = Uncharted. Sony = Killzone. Sony = SOCOM. Sony = MAG. Sony = Singstar. Sony = Ratchet & Clank. Sony = PS4…

        …Sony = Gaming.

        Sony’s ability to protect it’s IP is paramount to it protecting it’s investment in gaming. If it loses that right, we, as gamers – LOSE. Simple as that.

    • PArt 2: Because I neglect to address the second part of your comment.


      “There won’t be a magical rise of the hackers and pirated games if Hotz doesn’t have to spend time in jail. Sony may be able to shut down one notorious US hacker but this will not stop the hacking community.

      I don’t understand why Sony is so keen on getting Hotz for what he did when they obviously didn’t care as much about the PSP being hacked every time a new FW comes out.”


      I think this case may set a legal precedence. At the very least, it’s pushing at the DCMA which may or may not work for Sony. Very clearly they are trying to identify as SCEA in this case as SCEA is American and therefore covered under DCMA whereas SCE is Japanese and is probably not.

      Already the actions made by Sony have had effect. There has been at least one famous PS3 hacker (whos name eludes me right now) who said that the latest firmware not only secured the PS3 again, but that he had no interest in trying to hack it because “he was happy with what he had and lawsuits aren’t fun” [paraphrased].

      • Obviously I’m being a little provocative for arguments sake but the Sony = gaming thing also is over the top. The Xboxes are affected by piracy and the 360 is still outselling the PS3 on many multiplatform games. So saying Sony losing this case means gaming will lose is a slight exaggeration. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m very much against piracy. I just don’t see things as black and white as some other people and I like to see both sides of a coin in an argument

  7. How ironinc.. i’m reading this page and an ‘ Ad By Google’ is in the corner advertising PS3 Brake

    • lol I seen that

    • Hmm… is that type of advertising appropriate on TSA?

    • That seems highly inappropriate (if true).

      By brake, did you mean break?

    • Its google fault, quick take legal action Sony!!

  8. Ah the old “It wasn’t me, it was my neighbour” ruse.

    • Next up, the Chewbacca defence.

      • I know a barrister who has that Family Guy speach as ring tone.

        It only plays it if someone calles her from chambers.

      • @amiga_dude

        It’s South Park, but that’s pretty funny either way :)

    • Hard to disprove.

      Though reading the groklaw article makes it actually sound plausible. The serial numbers that Sony identified as making the account didn’t match any of Geohot’s PS3s, and now Sony are refusing requests to turnover information on the blick account.

    • Yeah i laughed at that neighbor thing

  9. Why is there a link to “ps3 break” in top right corner surely not the sort of advert that should be on here. ??

  10. What about any games the twat owned, surely they would clearly be labeled as SCEA! But it sounds like all that donated money is going to good use getting him a sleaze ball of a lawyer who knows what he’s doing!

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