Cheap PC Gaming: Soldat

Welcome to a series of articles in which I will be pointing out cheap or free PC games you may or may not of heard of and telling you why you should play them. These games will range from the obscure to the well known, the huge to the tiny, but will never exceed £15. A lot of them will be completely free. So without further ado…

Actually, a little further ado. If I hadn’t already done two articles on it (1 and 2), Minecraft would be the first game in this series. However, since I have already written two articles on it, Minecraft doesn’t really need any more TSA exposure right now. You can, however, rest assured that it’s still my favourite game of all time and, if you haven’t played it or read the articles, follow the links above.

Now all that ado is out of the way, we can move onto our first game – Soldat. Soldat (that’s German for ‘soldier’, if you were wondering) is a side-on multiplayer shooter that will cost you nothing to play as much as you like. Now, it’s not a good looking game, with the players being small figures on the screen and the levels literally being made of lo-res textured polygons, but as we all know when we look at Minecraft, looks aren’t that important, right?

[drop]It’s most reminiscent of Crash Commando, the brilliant side-on multiplayer shooter that can be found on PSN. In fact, when I first saw Crash Commando, I immediately went and bought it because it reminded me so much of Soldat. Just in case you’ve never played either of them, I’ll explain: You are a character in the middle of your screen, and the world you’re in is flat. You move from side to side and you have jetboots (that’s like a jetpack, but it’s in… uh… your boots) for getting to higher places (which you will be doing, as the maps are built around being able to do so).

You also have grenades which you throw with E, and there are pickups, such as health, more grenades, cluster grenades, and other power-ups. My favourite power-up is flame god, as it makes you invulnerable for a short time and gives you a flame-thrower (which you can continue to use after the time’s over).

It’s not a good looking game, the upside of which being that it will run on pretty much any PC you can find – just make sure you’re using a mouse or you’ve got no chance. The graphics are not what’s important, it’s all about gameplay here and that is where Soldat excels. It’s a hectic game of shooting people in the face and stealing their flags whilst jetting around and dodging gunfire.

[drop2]There are numerous game modes for you to do this in, of course. There are the standard Deathmatch/TDM, Capture the Flag and such, but there are a few, more original modes; Infiltration, Pointmatch, Hold the Flag and Rambomatch. Infiltration is like Capture the Flag, but with only one flag. One team defends the flag whilst the other tries to capture it by taking it to the small white flag in their base. Pointmatch is a Deathmatch mode, but with a yellow flag to grab. Everyone earns points for kills, but whoever has the flag has their points multiplied.

Hold the Flag has two teams battling over a flag, and whichever team has the flag gets points every few seconds. Rambomatch is possibly the strangest of the modes – it’s a Deathmatch mode in which there is a bow in the map. Whoever picks up the bow gets super powers (health regenerates, bow that shoots explosive arrows), and everyone else hunts them down as only ‘Rambo’ can earn points (by killing).

The first time I played this game has to have been about 5 years ago. It was a wonderful time, I was in and managed most of a clan and I was damn good at the game. I recently returned to the game for this article and it’s almost exactly the same, except I haven’t played for 3 years. So I suck. Once you get into the game however, figure out your favourite weapons and get used to how it controls and the maps, it’s a fast, fun and very frantic online game that you should go and try out.

The game is free, though you can pay for a few customisation options (namely changing the colour of your flame jets), playing your own music with the in-game MP3 player and to support the game, of course. If you want to try the game out, go to If you want to see it, however, simply look below, where there’s a video of the actual game being actually played by the actual me! Exciting.



  1. This game rocks. Really. Realistic mode is just superb, and really shines when playing with/against friends.

  2. Good article. I hope there’s one on arguably the finest free FPS available; Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

  3. “PC games you may or may not of heard of” – That should be: “may not HAVE heard of”

  4. this game looks quality

  5. Nice little game, although i’d argue that Minecraft’s graphics are very good, even more so with the recently adjusted textures. The graphic design and presentation let this game down in my opinion, although for a free game it looks excellent.

    • Minecraft’s graphics are not good, it’s blocks with 16 bit textures. It’s partly a design choice, however, and the design IS excellent, and it often looks amazing, but that doesn’t make the graphics good.

      • It’s freaking blocks with 1 texture on it and yet it lacks in optimization department so much that playing it on a beast of a pc makes you feel as if you just went back to the early 90s :D

  6. Soldat is great fun, it’s generally just chaos!

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